Horse maintenance


The horse has long been considered a pet. To keep horses at home you need to equip a special environment and provide good nutrition, which is different depending on the purpose of raising an animal. Very common cultivation of these animals for sports, and the treatment of psychological ailments.

Stable construction requirements

For good growth and development of the animal you need to provide him with comfortable living conditions. The optimal size for the residential area is 16 sq. M. By virtue of the animal's ability to grow rapidly, the ceiling height should be at least 4 m.

The walls must be wooden or brick. The floor is recommended to make concrete, clay or from asphalt. This floor is more convenient for the stability and movement of the animal. It is important when keeping horses to prevent excessive moisture, otherwise their hooves begin to rot.

Photo of a large horse stable

If you plan to maintain a few horses at home, then between them will need to equip partitions. They can be metal or wood.

The use of wood material for interior decoration provides a special antiseptic treatment. The tool must be harmless. The stable must have special strength and reliability.

It is very convenient to use the stables of two floors, where the second floor is used as storage for hay. For the convenience of the animal, the doorway is made at least 1.2m.

As for the feeder, its optimum height is 0.7 m with a ledge from the wall of 0.5 m. You can water from the bucket, but if you can, it is better to make an automatic watering device.

Horse cleaning sequence

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You need to start on the left side of the animal gradually moving to the right.

  1. Head
  2. Neck
  3. Front legs
  4. Torso
  5. Croup
  6. hind legs
  7. Hooves
  8. Eyes
  9. Teeth
  10. Bang
  11. Mane
  12. Tail

Horse wash photo

Cleaning an animal and cleaning its territory should be carried out once a day without fail. Horse hygiene is best done in the evening. At this time of day the animal is less active, as the body prepares for sleep.

Feeding horses

The following factors influence the type of feed and its quantity:

  • the amount of physical activity;
  • animal weight;
  • horse age;
  • breed.

Caring owners develop a separate food for each horse with all its features. Before feeding the animal, it must be allowed to rest for 1.5 hours. Horses are very demanding of food. There is either that they will not. What do you need to feed the horses?

The basis of nutrition includes:

  • hay;
  • straw;
  • oats.

To the main nutrition you need to add ingredients that contain additional vitamins. It can be:

  • silage;
  • syrup;
  • roots;
  • grass;
  • wheat;
  • rye;
  • vitamin supplements;
  • special combined feed.

To maintain the level of calcium in the daily diet of an adult individual, there should be 50-70gr of chalk, and 30-60gr of table salt, food.

Photos of specialized horse feed

In winter, carrots, apples, beets, cabbage are added to the main diet. This is a good source of vitamins in the cold season.

Approximate number of products for one day for an adult horse in winter:

  • oats - 5 kg;
  • carrots - 3 kg;
  • bran - 2 kg;
  • hay - 10 to 12 kg;
  • daily rate of salt.

If you provide an animal with such a diet, it will receive all the substances necessary for healthy growth and development.

Summer is a little easier. The horse gradually transferred to fresh greens. The first time is brought to pasture after feeding with hay, so as not to disturb digestion by abrupt change of feed.

Important! Even when the animal feels well, it is necessary to contact the veterinarian for a routine inspection of the condition of the horse.

The maintenance of sports horses at home

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In order to grow an animal capable of participating in sports competitions will need to put a lot of effort. Horses are considered the cleanest animals in agriculture. Therefore, it is worth paying due attention to their care.

Walking sport horses

It is very important when caring for a sports horse to adhere to a constant diet. Consistency is necessary in all:

  • diet;
  • hygiene procedures;
  • feeding regimen;
  • walking schedule;
  • training sessions.

Sports horse feed

As for food, then it must be approached with great responsibility. It should be borne in mind that the gastrointestinal tract in these animals is very sensitive, and the correction of food is made taking into account the horse breed.

For feeding sports horses, the advantage is given to the use of green fodder and concentrated rations. It is not necessary to abuse the feeding of roughage and it is important to control the amount of fiber in the diet. Its excess breaks down digestion and the animal weakens.

Especially responsibly need to treat the watering of a sports animal. Lack of fluid in the body disrupts blood circulation and this leads to malfunctioning of the organs. Subsequently, the mobility and endurance of the horse is reduced.

Keeping horses at home is a big deal. This occupation should be given completely. The main thing to remember is that keeping a horse requires a serious approach.
Every carelessness and even minor irresponsibility will certainly affect the health of the animal, and its treatment will lead to considerable expenses.