Bee primor


The waste products of bees are valued throughout the world. Bee primor has been used in alternative medicine since antiquity, but only recently began to acquire great demand. It is difficult to overestimate the benefit of bee submarine, only aesthetically, its use is not for everyone’s liking. What is a bee sorrow, what is its benefit, harm and how to apply it for various ailments?

What is bee suck

Bee subsurface is, in fact, dead bees that have died naturally. Given the way of life, the type of bee, its breed, the time of birth, it can live from 1 to 9 months, the uterus lives longer. After a long winter, very often many dead bees are found in the hive, due to hunger or simply age.

In the submarine there is usually a small amount of honey, unprocessed pollen, wax, propolis, royal jelly, bee venom and chitin. That is, it contains all those products that humanity uses in cooking, medicine, cosmetology and other fields.

Bee deadwood is essentially dead bees that died naturally.

Collecting and harvesting

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The dead bees gather for the most part in the spring, although during the warm period of the year it can also be observed and collected, for example, during the transport of bees, planned inspection of the hive, during the purchase of new individuals. After winter, living bees are mostly on top of the hive, and the dead - at the bottom. They are collected, cleaned and dried. It is necessary to dry pores in the oven, drying chambers or simply in the open air, under the net, but only in sunny weather.

Important! Not all dead bees are suitable for subsequent use, but only those that died naturally, are dry, whole, without rot and mold on the body. From them should come a light, sweetish smell.

Spring subside contains nutrients in low concentration, because the bees have survived through the winter, wasting resources. But summer pride is highly valued, but its collection is not easy.

Chemical composition

The chemical composition of bee submoris

Understand all the benefits of beeswax can be studied by its composition. So, in the dead bee is contained.

  • Protein organic compounds - about 50%. They are represented by: heparin, apitoxin, acids, proteins of unprocessed pollen, enzymes, etc. Most of them have strong medicinal properties and are used for medical purposes.
  • Melanin - 25-30%. This substance removes poison from the human body, salts of heavy metals, harmful impurities. This is a strong defender of the body from ultraviolet radiation, it also participates in the interaction of nerve cells and has a positive effect on DNA.
  • Chitin - up to 14%. Contained in the shell (outer skeleton) of the bee. It improves the activity and functionality of the body.
  • Micro- and macronutrients - 4% or more. Bee Podmore contains more than 25 of the most important and rare minerals. At the same time they are easily absorbed by the human body.
Important! Beekeepers never resort to the destruction of bees by means of smoke or sulfur. This is a barbaric way that does more harm than good!

The benefits and harm of bee submu

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With proper use, beeswax can bring many benefits.

  • For women - it is an indispensable storehouse of useful elements. When using this substance, you can deal with various female diseases, to prevent diseases of the mammary glands, uterus. By means of a porem, you can normalize the menstrual cycle and remove the pain in the pelvis and spine.
  • For men, primor is used as a means of increasing potency. For men over 50 years old, this tool will help solve problems with impaired sexual function, urination, but in therapy, submorphaeus are usually supplemented with other beekeeping products.

    Podmor is used for weight loss, body shaping.

  • Podmor is used for weight loss, body shaping.
  • The application of the bee submarine is very diverse. Recipes with it are used not only for the treatment of diseases or the prevention of ailments, but also in cosmetology, because this remedy has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, hair, nails.

As for the harm, for the most part this remedy is dangerous only for allergies, because it contains strong allergens. It is also important to bear in mind that they apply it under strict standards. If you exceed the dosage, you can harm the health.

Healing properties of bee submarine

Suitable bee primor for the treatment of various ailments. When used correctly, this tool can:

  • cure diseases of the heart, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract;
  • improve the work of the central nervous system;
  • cure diseases of the female or male reproductive system;
  • improve immunity;
  • help to cope with viruses and infections faster;
  • reduce weight;
  • improve vision;
  • heal wounds, cuts, bruises, skin diseases;
  • restore vitality after surgery, serious diseases.
Interesting! Bee primor is often used for the prevention and treatment of uterine fibroids.

In addition, beeswax is prescribed by healers and folk healers for the treatment of oncology. However, in traditional medicine its use is considered questionable and ineffective.

Bee primor suitable for the treatment of various ailments


In some cases, bee sorceress is contraindicated.

  • For people who are prone to allergies, this is a very dangerous remedy!
  • With serious heart disease, it should not be used.
  • Renal failure - the reason for the refusal of submission.
  • With tuberculosis, this tool can harm.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should not take subcategory, because there may be a negative reaction!
  • For children under 6 years old this remedy is also contraindicated.

Before applying the submarine should consult with your doctor.

Homemade recipes from bee primrose

At any apiary or fair, where they sell products of bee vital activity, you can buy bee submor. But how to use it? There are many homemade recipes that have their own characteristics of action and use.

  • For cleaning the body, submerged is used in a dry, ground form of 1/5 teaspoons before eating. If the body normally takes this means, then over time the dosage increases to ½ teaspoons. However, the course lasts up to 4 weeks, then you need to take a break for 5-6 months!

    Homemade recipes from bee primrose

  • Broth - one of the easiest options for cooking home remedies. 20 g of powder of a podmor are filled in with liter of water and cook 45 minutes. Then the liquid is removed from heat, insisted and passed through cheesecloth. The resulting liquid drink a tablespoon before meals. A decoction of bee Podmor reduces hunger and helps to quickly get enough, so it is used to lose weight.
  • Tincture on vodka helps to improve immunity, cleanse the body and cure cardiovascular diseases. 200 ml of vodka are taken per 10 g of submarine. 20 days this mixture should be infused in a cool, dark room, then it is decanted. Under 30 years old, 20 drops are taken before meals, and after 30 years, 40 drops are taken. The course lasts 4 weeks, then a break for six months. In the treatment of heart disease take 2 ml of funds 1 time per day after meals.
  • In order to cure myopia, it is necessary to use roasted, grinded 4 g for half an hour before meals 2 times a day. The course lasts up to a month, then a break for six months. By itself, the pothor is not particularly palatable, so it is recommended to drink it with milk or kefir, yogurt.

There are also special recipes for joints. Mostly it is the ointment, which is used for rubbing or as lotions.

  1. On the water bath, about 100 grams of submarine steamed for a quarter of an hour. As time goes on, the sub от end is wrung out through a thin fabric so that the liquid is gone. In it moisten a dense rag and put as a compress to a sore point, approaches and for treatment of prostatitis.
  2. An ointment on the basis of a pimple helps with pain and creak in the joints, and for men it is useful for prostatitis. 150 g of mora are mixed with vegetable oil to make a homogeneous mass. After mixing, you can use it, putting it on overnight, on a sore spot, in the case of prostatitis - on the area of ​​the prostate. For storage used refrigerator.
It is important! The ointment of bee porem should not be applied to the face and in general to any part of the head!

Beeswax ointment should not be applied to the face and in general to any part of the head.

How to store podzor

Podmore well kept in a ventilated, dry room. It is best for him to use a cardboard box, a fabric bag. At temperatures up to +34 degrees Celsius, the fresh submor begins to deteriorate, so it is immediately dried. In order to keep the pot as long as possible, it is best to take a fabric bag (the one that lets air in), determine the pot under there and hang it in a dry place.

Reviews of bee substep

The bee primor helped many people in the treatment of various diseases and strengthening the immune system.

  • Svetlana Lis: "After the birth of the daughter, constant illnesses began. The child only recovered and was sick again, but in a more serious form. They were given both antibiotics and simple remedies, but for a long time the effect did not linger and the illnesses returned. Then I was advised to try podmor. I bought bit dead bees, she dried herself, then the tincture of vodka was made. First, of course, she tried it on herself, then she also started giving the baby. For more than half a year there were no serious illnesses, and this was after a month-long course! Every day she gave her daughter 3 drops before sleep . In the autumn I will give again, but this time for prevention. "
  • Natalya Gumenyuk: “For as long as I can remember, my grandfather always used alcoholic tincture from bee podmor in courses. Having inherited the apiary, I also appreciated the charms of this remedy. at the same time, he also has contraindications. Mostly, it should not be used for allergies to honey, so you need to be careful in this regard. "
  • Lev Dashvar: "Beescore is the best medicine. Used for joints and for colds and even gastritis - helps from everything. But I always use it in combination with honey, propolis or royal jelly. The main drawback of this tool is smell and taste, regardless of the method of preparation, they are very unpleasant, but health is worth it, so I advise everyone! "