The best breeds of rabbits


Rabbits are beautiful, fluffy animals. Since ancient times, they are bred as pets and useful agricultural animals. Rabbits have valuable, nourishing meat, as well as soft, warm fur, which is always in high demand. In addition, many types of rabbits are divorced just for aesthetic pleasure, like pets. They are very clever and cute. This article presents the most popular breeds of rabbits in different directions.

Rabbits of meat breeds

Rabbit meat breeds are raised on large and small farms. They get a lot of delicious, healthy, dietary meat, so the best meat breeds are highly valued.

Californian rabbit photo

  • California rabbit has a short body. The backbone is light, but shaped correctly. Muscles are well developed. The average weight is 4-5 kg. Paws short, but strong. The head is average with small, erect ears up to 11 cm. The nose is a hump, the eyes are scarlet. The coat is thick, white in body, but the ears, paws, nose and tail are always dark. During pregnancy, the female gives 8 rabbits.

    Photo rabbit Soviet Chinchilla

  • Soviet chinchilla - breed of rabbits, reaching a mass of up to 5 kg. At the same time, 4 kg of animals weigh already in 4 months! Body length - 70 cm maximum. Their meat is very tasty, dietary. Thorax up to 70 cm. Paws smooth and strong. The coat is good, dense, suitable for sale, dark gray color.

    Stock Foto Black-brown breed of rabbits

  • Black and brown the breed of rabbits grows up to 7 kg and 60 cm long. The individuals have a large head with wide ears up to 18 cm in length. Thorax in volume - 35 cm. Paws are long and rather thick. The fur is soft, black-brown, with blue down. For litter the female gives 8 cubs.
Interesting! Rabbits are different jumping ability. They can easily jump 1 meter in length. But the biggest jump, officially registered, is 3 meters!

Rabbits giants

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Large breeds of rabbits are attractive to breeders with a large body weight. With such animals, you can get a lot of meat and skins. Of course, in order for the breed to meet expectations, it is necessary to choose the best of the best.

Photo of rabbit Gray Giant

  • Gray giant - Ukrainian breed of rabbits. The head is stretched, the ears do not hang. In length, an individual can reach up to 65 cm. The mass is about 4.5-6 kg. Thorax up to 40 cm. Fluffies have long legs and a massive pelvis. The fur is predominantly gray with the ebb of black or brown. Over time, the female gives about 8 rabbits.

    Photo of White Giant rabbit

  • Rabbits White Giant - Belgian rabbit breed. The head is almost round. Ears are small, even, up to 16 cm. Torso 60 cm long, weight - 5-6 kg. Chest in girth about 40 cm. Paws strong, long, set wide. The eyes are usually red in color. Wool is white, dense. For one okol female gives 7-9 rabbits.

    Photo rabbit Belgian Flandr

  • Belgian Flandre - breed, thanks to which many domestic species of rabbits were obtained. The main differences are wide, erect ears and a massive head with rounded cheeks. The length of an adult rabbit is about 65 cm, weight is 6-10 kg, but it can be more. Chest in girth up to 45 cm. The coat color can be gray, black, silver, sandy, gray-red, white. In one litter the rabbit gives up to 15 cubs. Animals are smart, with a meek temper.
Interesting! Rabbits drink a lot. An individual weighing 2 kg can drink as much water as a 10 kilogram dog.

Down and fur rabbits

Down and fur breeds are divorced to obtain high-quality fur, down or skin. Care of them requires painstaking, because these animals often smear their valuable fur. Description breeds of downy rabbits, which are in great demand among breeders presented below.

Photo rabbit Angora breed

  • Angora rabbit - famous view. Highly valued for excellent wool. The body is small, strong legs. The head is medium in size with short ears. Weight about 3-5 kg. The coat is long, very thick white, gray, beige, although other colors are allowed by the standard. Wool is usually trimmed or combed. Nastriv from one individual - 200 g.

    Photo of a Rex rabbit

  • Rex - This is a famous breed of rabbits. Often they are kept as decorative, but often bred for valuable skin. The body is small, the legs are medium in length. The average weight of 3-5 kg. The head is proportional to the body with erect ears. The fur is dense, plush, curly hairs on the belly. Color brown, chestnut with light spots.

    White down breed rabbits

  • White downy the breed of rabbits is similar to the Angora, but slightly smaller. Animals up to 55 cm in length, weighing 3-4 kg. Taurus rounded with short legs. The head is medium in size with small ears. Fur within 15 cm, soft, elastic, thick. Of the colors most often comes across white.

In this category also include such rabbits as the White Giant, Baran and others.

Decorative breeds of rabbits

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Decorative rabbits are bred in apartments and private homes as pets.

Photo rabbit breed Butterfly

  • Butterfly - An interesting, popular type of domestic rabbits. Weight about 4.5 kg. Have a small body. The head is disproportionate to the body, with even ears. The back and chest are wide, the legs are long. Fur coat knocked down, very soft, bright color, but there are black spots. And the nose and ears are usually black in color. For pregnancy the rabbit gives 8 individuals.
Important! Rabbits are social beasts. When keeping them as pets you should give them a lot of attention!

Stock Foto Viennese blue rabbits

  • Viennese blue rabbit - small animal up to 4.5 kg. Kostya small, regular form. The head is not large with round cheeks and small ears, rounded at the ends. Paws are smooth and strong. The fur coat is very thick, rich gray with blue tint. In one litter about 8 cubs.

    Photo rabbit breed Baran

  • Ram - looks like the previous look, only the ears hang down. Weight - 4-8 kg. The body is small, the legs are short. The coat is very soft, dense, can be different colors. Contained and to receive valuable skins and as pets.

Also in this category it is worth including such breeds as Rex, Gornostaevaya, Soviet Marder.

What breeds of rabbits are bred in the Moscow region

Different types of rabbits have their own nuances in terms of immunity, requirements for care. Depending on the region, recommended breeds for breeding may vary. For example, in the central zone of Russia the climate is rather warm, but the summer is not hot. For this reason, almost all breeds can be bred in the Moscow Region. A temperate climate allows to achieve the highest performance indicators for meat, down, fur species.

Find suitable rabbits in this region can be on livestock farms and large industrial companies, such as NPO APK "ERMAK", "Ruza-MIAKRO", "KFH Shcherbakova A. Ye.", "LPH family Ivanov" and the like.

Rabbits for breeding in the Tula region

In the Tula region, as in the Moscow climate is pleasant, temperate. It is ideal for breeding rabbits, but where can they be purchased? Many farms are engaged in raising rabbits in this area. Among the most famous are agrofarm "Zazino", LPH "Rabbits giants."

Important! When any danger appears, the rabbit tries to escape at once. But if this fails, he can begin to defend himself. This small animal can kill a small predator by hitting strong paws! [/ Su_box]

What breeds of rabbits are bred in the Leningrad region

Rabbits are popular in the Leningrad region. For the climate of this area choose such hardy species as Gray Giant, Flandre, White Giant. The Zarya rabbit breeding farm is engaged in professional breeding of these animals. It is here that you can purchase the best kraeys, thoroughbred, healthy, productive.

Breeds of rabbits for the Kaluga region

Yukhnov-Krol is a well-known rabbit meat factory in the Kaluga region. Breeds are purchased mainly from abroad and are bred on the territory of the enterprise. Here are bred such species as the French Hiplus, California crawl, Soviet chinchilla.

In addition, the APANYUK & Co rabbit farm operates in the region. Here they are professionally engaged in breeding rabbits of various species, maintaining the purity of the blood of rocks. Breeding individuals of the White giant, Californians, Burgundian rabbits, Baran, Chinchilla, Risen and the like can be bought at this enterprise.

What breeds of rabbits are bred in the Kaliningrad region

Professional breeding rabbits in the Kaliningrad region are: rabbit breeding farm "Flandr", "Rabbit", LLC "Sonya", Novoselovskoe JSC, Kaliningrad rabbit. Of the most popular breeds stand out: Flandre, California crawl, Gray and White giant. In addition, other types of fur and down animals are bred here with dense, warm fur, which is well protected from cold weather. Meat species are also grown, but mainly in large productions.

Breeds of rabbits for Siberia

In Siberia and the Urals, you can grow only the hardiest breeds with thick, dense fur that can protect animals from the cold climate. In these areas, the climate is harsh, often precipitations, strong wind. The animals here are bred massively mainly in the farm "Tatyanin Khutor" and LPH "Siberian Rabbit".

Among the most preferred breeds for this region, the following should be mentioned: Siberian eared bass, Blue Viennese craw, Rex, White Giant, California rabbit.

Breeds of rabbits in the Smolensk region

The first rabbit farm in the Smolensk region was built only in 2013. To date, there are bred two main breeds that are popular throughout the region with private breeders. These breeds are the New Zealand White and California. They are distinguished by their fecundity, high performance and productivity.

Interesting! In the wild, rabbits have many enemies, so they live for no more than 1 year, but in captivity these animals are able to live up to 12 years.

What breeds of rabbits are bred in the Ryazan region

Rabbits meat, decorative, downy and fur - animals of different directions are bred in the Ryazan region. The largest livestock farms, like KFH "Berkeevo" focuses on the breed: White and Gray giant, Butterfly, Black and Brown, Silver and California crawl, Soviet chinchilla. The Ryazan region is famous for its products due to the strict selection and professionalism of breeders.

Rabbits are useful and productive animals. With the right breed, you can open a profitable business, or simply provide your family with soft fur and delicious meat. It is possible to breed them and as decorative, in this case the profit can be received for valuable posterity of thoroughbred individuals.