Perineum machine


To remove feathers from different types of birds, special perassemble machines were invented. They allow you to shoot feathers from pigeons, ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens and many other species of birds in a short time. The first such device was invented in the XX century, later more advanced, modern models appeared. A permutable machine can greatly facilitate the job of removing feathers, but due to the high cost of these devices, many poultry razvodchiki simply make their own hands.

Device perosnimo machine

The principle of operation of the perosunnoy machine is not very difficult. The main drum is equipped with so-called "fingers". The fingers for the perosverbing machine can be replaced as needed because they sometimes break. When the machine is turned on, the drum starts spinning and the carcass rubs against its sides, where the fingers are the tweeters. When touched, they catch feathers, pulling them out of the carcass. When the machine stops, the carcass is clean of feathers and ready for cutting.

Important! The lifting machine must be stable, otherwise it may roll over during operation!

Photo peryemnoy car Dream farmer-800N

Types of perosemnyh machines

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Since permutable machines are required both in large enterprises and in small private farms, several varieties of apparatus were invented. They may differ in size, function, method of work.

  • Centrifugal type is an autonomous machine. She works independently, without a person. Carcasses enter it, it plucks them, and then they come out of the aggregate already plucked. Such machines are used in large enterprises.
  • The machine tool is also popular on large farms and enterprises, but an operator is necessary for its work.
  • The household perosemny car is a small, mobile device. It is convenient to use it on small private grounds.

In addition, perassembled machines can be classified by power, size, location of the "fingers". When choosing, it is necessary, first of all, to pay attention to the size of the drum - for which bird it is intended. Small aggregates are commonly used for chickens, ducks, quails. And larger models are suitable for geese, for a broiler. There are also machines for large species of birds, such as turkey.

Perosimo models

Many models of perossemny machines can be found on the Internet, but not all of them are of high quality. Below are the types that are recommended more often than others.

Photo persodemnogo machines SPRUT-1000 Prof

  • "Dream farmer 800 N" - Ukrainian machine for removing feathers in the carcass. Suitable for broiler, goose and turkey. Dimensions - 800x800x100 mm, weight - 60 kg. The carcass is plucked in 40 seconds. Feathers are removed by 95-98%. The device is made of stainless steel, power 1.5 kW. There is an automatic and semi-automatic modes. The cost is 35,000 rubles.
  • "SPRUT-1000 Prof" suitable for turkey, goose, duck, for guinea fowl, broiler. Dimensions - 960х1000х1070 mm, weight - 71 kg. Perosemnye bilny fingers made of good material, have the function of "sticking" pen. There is a control panel. The cost is 98,000 rubles.
Important! When choosing a perassembled machine, its power, the number of revolutions, energy consumption and the volume of the bowl must be taken into account.
  • "Piro" - Autonomous Italian unit, which can simultaneously pluck 3 carcasses. Suitable for ducks, geese, broilers and even for turkeys, only small in size. Running time is 30 seconds on average. For an hour, you can pluck more than 140 carcasses. Dimensions - 630x630x910 mm, weight - 50 kg. The device is made of durable, stainless steel. Power - 0.7 kW. The cost is 126,000 rubles.
  • "Rotary 950" - Another Italian car based on German technology. The fingers for the perosyamnoy machine are made of rubber, the body is stainless steel. Feathers are removed in 10 seconds. Suitable for any poultry. The dimensions of the device are 960х950х540 mm. Weight - 114 kg. In an hour about 400 carcasses are plucked. Power - 1,55 KW. The cost is 273,000 rubles.

Photo of the Piro permount machine

How to use perosimo machine

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To perosnemnoe machine well plucked bird, it is necessary to carry out the procedure according to all the rules.

  • After slaughter, the carcass is dipped first in warm water, then in boiling water, for 2-3 minutes.
  • The device turns on and warms up.
  • Now you can put the bird in the drum.
  • As you pluck the carcass should be watered with hot water.
  • When the process is finished, the carcass is removed, washed, and the apparatus is cleaned of feathers.

How to make perosnemnoy car do it yourself

Perosemnye machines cost a lot of money, so buying them is beneficial only if there is confidence that they will pay for themselves. If the economy is small, then such a device can be made independently, for example, from a washing machine.

To make a small unit, you can use the washing machine "Baby". If the machine is working, then the new engine can not be installed. Also required:

  • Wrenches;
  • Nuts, screws;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Drill 20 or step;
  • Bilny fingers.

Photo of the Rotary 950

To begin with, a plastic plate with finger fingers is made, which will need to be placed on the activator. Use the best dense plastic. A circle is made from it, the diameter must be the same as that of the activator (it must be removed from the machine for a while). In the case of the “Baby” machine, the plate is made with a diameter of 260 mm. The markup is drawn on the resulting circle - 4 straight lines are drawn, intersecting in the center. Thus, the circle will be divided into 8 sectors.

On each line from the edge to the center 3-4 holes are made with a drill on 20. Also 2 holes are made in each sector. In these holes and place bilnyh fingers. Now, with the help of screws and nuts, screw the circle with mobile fingers to the activator in several places. The activator is installed in its place.

The second stage is making holes for the fingers on the walls of the machine. The holes are made in a staggered manner every 6.5 cm. Only 3 rows are made with a distance of 2.5-3 cm. You need to drill each side of the machine. Into these holes and insert the bilny fingers. Put them tight, pulling as far as possible into the machine.

Interesting! Such a detail as fingers for a permount machine can be bought at an agricultural store or ordered online.

In order for the machine to work not according to the timer, it is necessary to turn off the time relay and put the toggle switch directly so that the engine is started and stopped by means of a switch.

The last stage - it is necessary to drill an elongated hole through which water will flow with the feathers. It is done in one of the walls of the machine, at the very bottom. To do this, you can simply drill three holes with a drill at 20 and remove jumpers between them with a knife.

Everything, the perosmymny machine from the washing machine is ready and it is possible to test it. Such a device can last for many years, the main thing is to use it correctly and clean it in time. This is a useful unit for breeders who sell poultry in large quantities.