When to plant cucumbers for seedlings in 2019


Cucumbers are grown for a long time. Wild relatives of this vegetable grow in the tropical forests of India. Cultivated forms of cucumbers are planted in vegetable gardens and backyards. But not everyone can grow this vegetable. For the most part, the problems are related to the fact that the seedlings do not have time to fully develop before planting into the ground or simply have poor quality. When to plant cucumbers for seedlings in 2019 according to the lunar calendar and how to do it correctly is described in this article.

What is better to plant cucumbers on seedlings in 2019

Cucumbers can be grown through seedlings or seeds, sowing them simply in the garden. The second method is only popular in the southern regions, where summer is hot and lasts a long time. In the middle and northern regions, a seedling method is always used.

A variety or hybrid of cucumbers is always selected according to personal preferences. But those who try to grow this vegetable for the first time can choose the most popular and popular species.

The best varieties of cucumbers for open ground 2019g

  • For open ground: "Farmer", "Spring", "Altai", "Alligator".
  • For the greenhouse: "Phoenix", "Liliput", "Paris Gherkin", "Miracle Peasant F1", "Zozulya".
  • The best hybrids: "German F1", "Courage F1", "Murashka F1".
  • The tested hybrids: "Kumanek F1", "Minion F1", "Brownie F1".
  • Self-pollinated cucumbers (parthenocarpic): "Prestige F1", "Claudine F1", "Blizzard F1".
Important! On the packaging of most branded seeds always indicate the time of their planting on seedlings!
  • Beam species: "Friendly family F1", "F1 square dance", "Miracle bouquet F1".
  • For canning: "Cupid", "Emelya", "Boy with a finger".
  • For Moscow region: "Movir F1", "Look F1", "State Farm".
  • For the Urals, Siberia: "Kustovoy", "Competitor", "Nezhinsky".
  • New varieties recommended in 2019: "Kai F1", "Everyone envy F1", "Balcony miracle F1", "Connie F1", "Mels F1".

What cucumbers to grow on your site, each gardener chooses himself. To be oriented in this matter is necessary on the climate, the place of cultivation, the destination of the future harvest and personal preferences.

Planting cucumbers for seedlings on the lunar calendar

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The best varieties of cucumbers for the greenhouse in 2019

Most often, gardeners, when planting seeds for seedlings are guided by the lunar calendar. In 2019, the lunar calendar offers many good days for planting seeds.

Favorable days for planting cucumbers according to the lunar calendar in 2019:

  • January - 1, 19-20, 28-29 numbers.
  • February - 6-7, 20-22, 25-26.
  • March - 5, 20-21, 24-25.
  • April - 2-3, 20-21, 24-26, 29.
  • May - 6, 9-11, 18-19, 24-28.

Adverse days for planting cucumbers according to the lunar calendar in 2019:

  • January - 5, 6, 1 numbers.
  • February - 4, 5, 19.
  • March - 4, 6, 22, 26, 27, 28.
  • April - 5, 19, 27, 28, 29.
  • May - 5, 6, 7, 20, 21, 29, 30.
Interesting! Cucumbers, which are sown on the growing moon, are developing rapidly, growing strong and producing crops faster.

For those who grow cucumbers late, you can also sow cucumbers in June (3-5, 10-11, 15, 23-24 numbers).

When to plant cucumbers on seedlings for open ground?

The best varieties of cucumber hybrids in 2019

The abundance of cucumber harvest and its quality in unprotected soil often depends on the planting period. But when to plant cucumbers on seedlings in 2019 for open ground?

  • Early species in the central regions are planted in containers since May 15.
  • Mid-season varieties on seedlings sown in early May.
  • Late types of cucumbers are recommended to sow in the last days of April.

If at the expected time of planting seedlings in unprotected soil, return frost hit, it is worth waiting a little. The cold for cucumbers is worse than overgrowing. So, in which case, the cucumbers tie up the houses to the supports and wait for the right time. An alternative may be heating the soil, planting and shelter of seedlings with a film stretched over low arcs. Such a small greenhouse will become a reliable shelter for cucumbers before the temperature rises to + 16 ... +19 degrees.

When to plant cucumbers for seedlings for the greenhouse in 2019?

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The best varieties of cucumber pollinated hybrids 2019

Planting cucumbers in greenhouses or greenhouses has its own dates, although it is important to focus on the type of greenhouse. So, in heated premises, any crops are grown year-round. If the greenhouse film, polycarbonate, the planting time is limited, as is the case with unprotected soil. In order not to miss the moment of planting Zelentsov and get a timely harvest, it is necessary in time to plant the seeds for seedlings.

Important! The soil in the film greenhouse in the southern cities is warming to the middle of spring, and in the middle regions - to the beginning of May. In the northern regions of the earth reaches the desired temperature no earlier than the last days of May.

In the greenhouse, even if it is not heated, the cultures are protected from precipitation and wind, so that plants can be planted here earlier, especially if the soil is heated in a timely manner. For this reason, the dates for sowing cucumber seeds for the greenhouse are postponed 1-1.5 weeks ago. That is, if the early view for unprotected soil was sown on May 15, then for the greenhouse it can be sown on May 5-8.

When to plant cucumbers for seedlings in the suburbs?

The Moscow region belongs to the central region of Russia, that is, the region with a temperate continental climate. In order for cucumber seedlings to get stronger, but not outgrowth, it is worth sowing them in this zone for seedlings from April 1 to 15. This is the best option. But do not forget that each variety has its own ripening time, so you should also focus on this. Later varieties can be sown a little earlier than the specified period, and early ones - later.

The best varieties of self-pollinated cucumbers 2019 g

Cucumber seedlings in the Urals and Siberia

In the Urals and Siberia in a hurry with the sowing of cucumber seeds on the seedlings are not worth it. If you do it too early, the shoots will stretch out, they will be frail and will not give a normal harvest. In the Urals, cucumber seeds are sown from April 7 to 20. If plants are grown in a greenhouse, then this procedure can be carried out 5-10 days earlier.

Interesting! People sign says that it is necessary to plant cucumbers in the ground when dandelions flourish in large quantities.

For Siberia, the optimal time for sowing seeds is from April 15 and later. If you sow earlier, the seedlings will stretch and will be frail. So in this region it is not recommended to hurry up with the sowing.

Seed preparation and sowing of cucumbers

The best varieties of bundle cucumbers 2019 g

Knowing for sure when to plant cucumbers for seedlings, you can prepare and hold the event on time. Garden land is taken for planting, but it is important to dilute it with peat if it is not loose and sanitized with a solution of potassium permanganate or simply watering with boiling water. If this option is not suitable, you can buy land, in stores it comes with a note "for seedlings."

Seeds before sowing are also treated with a weak pink solution of potassium permanganate, if they are not processed. If the seeds have a bright color (orange, green, red), this means that they have been treated for diseases and additional procedures are not required. They must be poured on a cotton cloth or napkin, soaked with water and left to germinate in a warm room for 2 days.

Container for sowing cucumbers can be different. Plastic cassettes, glasses can be purchased at any store, but peat cups or tablets are still considered the best option. Seeds can be sown immediately in separate containers or initially in a common container.

Lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener for 2019

First, the bottom of the tank is drained, then the substrate. The earth is well watered, leveled. Seeds spread over the surface. If they grow in one container, then they keep a distance of 7 cm between them. From above, seedlings are sprinkled with a substrate, a layer of 1 cm and slightly compacted. It remains only to spray the earth from the spray gun and cover with a film. At a temperature of + 22 ... +25 degrees, shoots can be observed for 3-5 days.

How to grow cucumber seedlings?

High-quality care for seedlings allows you to get strong plants. When pecking sprouts, no need to rush to remove the film that covers them. Only when the cotyledon leaves are visible can one begin to clean it, but gradually. First, it is removed for 30 minutes, then added daily for 30 minutes. After 7 days, the film is removed completely. Light day should be 12 hours on average. If it gets dark early in the street, the lighting is arranged with a simple lamp.

The best varieties of cucumbers for canning 2019g

It is important! So that the seedlings develop a good root system, and the ground part is not quickly drawn out, after sprouting the sprouts, the temperature is reduced to + 18 ... +20 degrees!

Watering is always carried out from the watering can for indoor plants, separated by water. If there is a lot of water, the roots will rot, but dry soil is also harmful for this crop. So you need to keep a balance in this matter, and once every 3 days spraying the leaves.

The first feeding is at the time of the appearance of 2 leaves. For 5 liters of water take 10 g of calcium nitrate, 10 g of superphosphate and 7.5 g of potassium sulfide. This dressing will strengthen the immunity of plants. Re-feeding is required after 1-2 weeks, if the plants grow slowly or look weak.

When the cucumbers will be 2-3 weeks, they can be packaged in a separate container. And after the picks, they quickly went off and went into growth, you need to spray them with "Appin" or any similar solution.

This method of cultivation of cucumber seedlings provides the gardener with strong seedlings. After planting in the ground, such plants quickly take root and develop. Of course, they will also need quality care, regardless of whether they grow in a greenhouse or in open ground. But if everything is done correctly, then a rich harvest will not take long to wait.