Kishmish grape variety 342


Kishmish grape 342 is also known as Kishmish Hungarian or GF №342. This is a hybrid, early ripening. The first crop is usually harvested by 110-115 days after the beginning of the growing season of the bush. This is probably the most popular grape variety for fresh consumption. It is very sweet and does not contain pits. In cultivation, it does not cause difficulties even for beginning gardeners, who had never planted grapes at all.

Kishmish grape variety description 342

This table grape has a bright, memorable taste and beautiful appearance. He was bred in Hungary by crossing Villard Blanc and Perlet. It grows well in the Urals in central Russia and in countries with similar climatic conditions.

The berries are medium in size. Approximate weight 2-5 g

Bushes grow quickly. A young vine ripens over its entire length for about a season. A fruitful vine is about 70-80%. On each shoot matures in 1-2 clusters on average. If the load is more, the brush should be normalized! The largest clusters ripen on a large, matured vine. The clusters grow medium or large in size, the approximate weight is 300-500 g. The shape is elongated, like a cylinder extended at the base. The density is average.

Berries of medium size or large, from 15x17 mm and more. Approximate weight 2-5 g. Form ovoid. After full ripening, the berries become yellowish, with a slight greenish tint. The variety has no seeds (3rd class seedlessness), rudiments may occur, but rarely. The peel is thin, dense and has a light wax coating. The flesh is fleshy, with a high content of juice. The taste is balanced. This is a sweet variety, sugar content of 19-21%, with an acidity of 6-8 g / l.

Characteristics of a variety

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Good about the grape variety Kishmish 342 say its characteristics. So, what are its features?

Productivity is high, you can get up to 25 kg of berries from a bush

  • Frost resistance within -24 ... -26 degrees Celsius.
  • There is increased resistance to fungal diseases, but this does not mean that the bush can not get sick. Under adverse conditions, in the shade or at high humidity, Kishmish 342 can be exposed to fungal diseases.
  • Commercial quality is high. Grapes look great on the shelves, attracting the attention of buyers.
  • The shelf life of the crop in cold rooms or similar, cool rooms for up to 4 weeks.
  • It is not very easy to transport Kishmish 342, because the berries are quite soft, although dense. In addition, some berries may begin to rot under adverse conditions.
  • The yield is high, you can get up to 25 kg of berries from a bush.
  • The taste is excellent after full ripening, but if the grapes are not removed from the branches in time, it gradually begins to become less and less tasty.
  • The use is in principle universal, although on an industrial scale the variety is grown only for fresh sale or for making raisins.

How to grow grapes Kishmish

Spring breeding taps

The Kishmish 342 grape growing place should be lit and protected on one side from strong winds. Often grapes are planted near the walls, fences or shed - this is a very good option.

The best time to land is April or May, when it’s already warm outside. Seedlings are planted with a gap of 1-2 meters or so. The pits are made with a depth of 70 cm and a diameter of about 80 cm. A drainage is immediately laid down on the bottom to remove excess moisture. The soil for planting is made of sand, humus and sod land. It is also partially poured into the pit, a small slide. Now you need to dig a peg for support, and in the middle of the pit to place the seedling. He is covered with the rest of the earth and tied to a peg. After the pit is filled, the earth is slightly compacted with hands and watered with 1-2 buckets of water.

After planting, it is advisable to cut the seedling into 2 peepholes. Thanks to such a simple procedure, the culture of more forces will put on rooting and quickly take root. And after 3 months, you need to pinch the top shoot so that the vine develops lateral branches.

Grape care

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Mulching grapes Kishmish 342

Caring for a plant always pays off. A large, tasty harvest of high quality and a long shelf life is ensured if several procedures are performed in time.

  • Watering is needed not frequent, but regular. It is important to ensure that the ground is not very dry, otherwise the bush may begin to ache.
  • The ground under the bush should be loose so that oxygen can penetrate the soil.
  • Mulching does not hurt, but not necessarily. It is made to less water evaporated and in order to reduce the amount of weeds under the bush.
  • In early spring, nitrogenous substances can be introduced into the ground. And after harvesting it is worth adding phosphate-potash fertilizers to the ground. This will allow the plant to recover faster after fruiting.
  • Since the bushes in this class are prone to overgrowth, it is recommended to cut them regularly. Pruning is carried out 2 times a year. In the spring, in order to remove the frozen pagons and form a neat shrub in the fall to remove a diseased, damaged vine, as well as part of young, extra branches. Kishmish 342 is prone to sprawl, but it does not like thickening, so pruning is obligatory for it.
  • The main enemy of grapes Kishmish 342 - wasps. They love sweet berries very much, therefore protection is required from them. You can put bunches in special bags or put repellents. Other insect pests require spraying with insecticides or prophylactic treatments with folk preparations (potassium permanganate, herbal infusion, ash).

Reviews about grape variety Kishmish 342

It is difficult to find a person who would not like Kishmish 342 grapes, and gardeners are delighted with him!

  • Roman Gunko: "Kishmish grape 342 is a great option for beginners. It grows quickly, gives early harvest and practically does not get sick. For me it was a good start. After that, the grapes planted several more varieties and now I cope with them completely. So I advise you!".
  • Yuri Eliseev: "There are three bushes of this grape growing in my garden. It’s just perfect for food. The taste is saturated, the cultivation is simple. It has good immunity. True, the berries are a bit small, but since it's seedless, this is not a problem. I’m selling a little harvest Of course, you can't sell a lot of it, but you can earn a little. "
  • Ekaterina Sidorenko: "This year Kishmish 342 pleased with the harvest. Especially the children were delighted. The taste of the grapes is very sweet, perhaps because the summer was not rainy. Good brushes were ready only in the beginning of August, we left 2 grapes on each shoot there was not much stress for the bush. In general, almost 20 kg of berries were gathered from one plant, which is not bad for me! "