How to freeze zucchini


Soups, stews, zucchini muffins are healthy and satisfying. But if in summer this product can be independently grown or bought at any grocery store, then in winter it is difficult to find a fresh zucchini. Freezing vegetables is the best way out. If you spend a few hours in the summer to freeze the zucchini, then on snowy days you can enjoy delicious zucchini dishes, stocking up with vitamins, so necessary in the freezing season. How to freeze zucchini for the winter at home, described in detail in this article.

Is it possible to freeze zucchini

Freezing of healthy products is not always possible. For example, a green salad, as is known, does not freeze in its entirety, because after thawing it completely loses its structure and looks unattractive in salads. But as for the zucchini, then there is no prohibition. After thawing the vegetable retains a lot of nutrients, vitamins, as well as taste! These zucchini are suitable for cooking a variety of dishes.

Important! For freezing only fresh zucchini is taken, those that have elastic flesh and dense skin.

Zucchini for freezing for the winter can be taken absolutely any age, although the younger they are, the better. The peel should be of normal color, dense, but not rigid, because the flesh of such zucchini is coarse and poorly stored when frozen. Be sure to make sure that the vegetable was healthy, without rot or serious damage.

Frozen zucchini is stored for about 9 months. If you store longer, it may begin to deteriorate the taste, the color of the vegetable. In general, experts recommend using self-frozen zucchini in the coming winter, and next year to make new billet in the freezer.

To freeze taken only fresh zucchini, those that have firm flesh and firm skin

How to freeze zucchini for the winter

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Before proceeding directly to the freezing, it is necessary to carry out some preparatory activities.

  • Courgettes must be thoroughly cleaned from dirt.
  • The place where the flower was fastened and the stem must be cut.
  • Washed vegetables are placed on the table to dry.
  • Then the zucchini is cut. If he has large seeds, they must be removed, and the pulp in the center, which is too soft, is also removed. Rough skin is cut on a mandatory basis.

Prepare the need and freezer. The fact is that freezing is always carried out at low temperatures. If you need to get frozen zucchini circles, they are always frozen in one layer. And this requires space in the freezer. So a few shelves (depending on the number of blanks) need to be cleaned for a while. The temperature of freezing zucchini varies from -14 to -40 degrees.

Separately, it is necessary to say about blanching. This is not a mandatory procedure, but many hostesses believe that frozen zucchini at home after blanching is more tasty. So here's an amateur. In advance, before you prepare a large batch, you need to experiment. Take the zucchini and cut into cubes. One half is blanched and frozen, and the other is simply frozen. After a couple of days, you can try the result and be determined with the final method of preparation.

How to freeze zucchini circles in the home

How to freeze zucchini circles

Depending on the dishes for which zucchini will be used, the method of cutting and harvesting is different. Usually, the hostesses, before freezing the zucchini for the winter, think through this question, so that later there will be no difficulties. The fact is that with a frozen vegetable, nothing can be done. It is not cut and does not rub on a grater, the zucchini is thrown into the dish in the form in which it was frozen. For fried zucchini, pizza, hamburgers it is necessary to make zucchini circles. So, how to freeze zucchini rings?

  1. Squashes washed, wiped and chopped circles.
  2. Blanching is recommended in this case. So you need to boil water and blanch circles in it for about 3-5 minutes.
  3. Blanched pieces are removed from the pan and put to glass excess water.
Important! Circles are not cut so wide that it is convenient to process them. The average thickness of the ringlet is usually 1 cm - this is the best option for subsequent cooking. If the zucchini is very large in diameter, then it is possible to make not rings, but half rings.
  1. When the zucchini is cool, they are laid in a single layer on a baking sheet and put in the freezer. Thus, they will freeze evenly. To prevent the pieces from sticking to the baking sheet, sprinkle it with flour.
  2. When zucchini freeze completely, you need to decompose them in portions in bags or containers and put in the freezer.

For cooking, namely frying, squash rings are first defrosted, then roll in flour with spices and fried in oil. In this form, they do not differ from fresh, plucked from the garden.

Squash cubes and cubes in the freezer

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Squash cubes and cubes in the freezer

For stews, soup, some types of caviar zucchini usually cut into cubes or cubes. The size of cubes and cubes depends only on personal preferences. If you like big cubes of vegetables in the soup, then you need to cut more than a centimeter in a cube, and if you like small pieces, then you can shred more finely. And how to freeze zucchini cubes? The process is very simple and accessible to everyone.

  1. Vegetables are washed and cleaned (from large seeds, pulp and coarse skin).
  2. The tail and place of attachment of the stem are cut.
  3. Squashes chop into cubes or cubes of the desired size.
Interesting! To make the zucchini not take one, a large piece of ice, you need to take them out every 1-3 hours and shake them until they are completely frozen.
  1. To get rid of excess moisture they are laid out on a paper or waffle towel for 20-30 minutes.
  2. When the pieces are dry, they are poured into a convenient container and placed in the freezer.

It is recommended to lay out zucchini in a container in batches. Thus, you do not need to defrost all zucchini to cook a dish or split off a certain part (which is not always possible). This is just an extra waste of time and effort. If you immediately decompose the pieces in the quantity that is necessary for a particular dish, the cooking process will be easier.

How to freeze grated zucchini

How to freeze grated zucchini

Zucchini pancakes are very useful. For winter dishes, you can make a special preparation, which is done very simply.

  1. Squashes are washed, dried and cleaned from seeds.
  2. The resulting pieces are grated.
  3. The juice that will inevitably appear in the plate must be drained, and the rubbed mass must be pressed.
  4. The resulting mass is leveled on the board so that excess moisture is gone.
  5. It remains only to decompose the grated zucchini on the container in batches and put in the freezer.
Important! For harvesting zucchini at home for pancakes, you can take overripe fruit. They do not have much juice, but they are not much worse than young ones.

You can freeze the grated zucchini, or you can add to it immediately the greens and spices that are usually put in pancakes. But it is important not to put salt at once, because it provokes the secretion of juice.

How to freeze zucchini for feeding a child

How to freeze zucchini for feeding a child

If the vegetable puree from the shops causes concern, you can prepare food for your child in the summer, simply by making the preparation and freezing it.

  1. Squashes are washed, wiped and cleaned. It is necessary to cut the seeds, the stem, the attachment of the bud and the skin! The remaining pulp is cut into small pieces.
  2. Water is boiled in a saucepan.
  3. Pieces of zucchini are placed in boiling water for 5 minutes and poured into a colander. Excess water must drain.
Important! Only young zucchini are taken to feed the child - they are the most useful.
  1. When water is drained, zucchini mash with a blender.
  2. Ready-made mash for mash is packed in small portions and hid in the freezer.

Now, knowing how to freeze zucchini for the winter, you can make blanks for future use and the whole frosty season to enjoy your favorite dishes. Thawed vegetables should be at room temperature for 3-4 hours. After thawing, they are immediately used for cooking, because they are not stored in this form for a long time.