Shire Horse


Shire is a breed of horse, also known as the English draft vehicle. The horses of Shire combine the most diverse qualities. People call this horse "gentle giant" and this is not surprising, because individuals have a very good-natured temper, although they may look daunting. Description of the breed, its quality, nature and characteristics of the content will be presented in this article.

Shire Horse Story

Horse of breed Shire - the biggest horse in the world

The horses of Shire are not only the largest horses, but also the most popular and beautiful heavy trucks that are suitable for riding under a saddle. Homeland Shire is the United Kingdom. Today, they are massively bred around the world, but most of all these beauties in England and Germany.

The modern name "Shire" began to be used only from the XVII century. In 1878, the English Draft Breeding Society (English Cart Horse Society) was created, which in 1884 was renamed the Shire Horse Society. Around the same time, the horses of this species began to be exported to America, where the American Shire Horse Society was founded in 1885.

Presumably the breed originates from the destrie (a rare but valuable combat horse breed). In the old days, the horses of Shire were fighting. With the decline of the Middle Ages, they changed their "profession" and began to be used in agriculture. But due to industrialization, horses in agriculture have lost their relevance. At this time, the breed managed to survive only thanks to the breeders who appreciated these horses and continued to breed them.

Interesting! For a long time in England, Shayrov used breweries to present their products. And even today, you can see how these handsome men in a harness deliver barrels of fresh drinks to the shops. Companies that use such advertisements include Thwaites Brewery, Hook Norton Brewery and Samuel Smith Brewery.

Today, the horse breed Shire is used in heavy sledding, at exhibitions, in exhibition sledding in England, and in Germany this horse is popular as a race horse. They are also often crossed with purebred breeds to get heavy hunting horses.

Breed description Shire

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Horse Shire is difficult to confuse with another species. These are very beautiful animals of impressive appearance with pronounced muscles and tendons. Build correct, harmonious. The back is short, strong, the chest is wide. Sloping shoulders. The neck is long, slightly curved. The head is thin, long. The tail is set high. The breed has many qualities.

Photos of horses of the Shire breed

  • The average height of a horse is 185 cm at the withers. Record height horse Shire 219 cm at the withers.
  • The weight of representatives can reach 1500 kg.
Important! The number of this breed in the world today is 2,000 horses on average. Every year, 200 thoroughbred foals are born. So it is safe to say that the breed will exist for a very long time due to its universality.
  • Tibia up to 32 cm.
  • Suits are practically any: bay, red, roan, black, sivaya.
  • There are star spots on the head and legs.
  • The mane and tail are very beautiful, lush.

Features breed Shire

In horses of the Shire breed qualities of horses and draft horses are mixed. Outwardly, they look like race horses, but are considered to be heavy horses. Individuals are bold, so they are not afraid of difficult tasks. They are often trained for riding and even for a variety of sports.

Photo of carack suit

These are active, mobile horses, they need regular walks, they simply cannot stay in stalls for a long time. Due to the great strength of the English horse has long been used in agriculture. They can do almost any work. Their character is calm, but they do not tolerate rudeness. These are proud animals with seemingly endless will power.

Horse breed shire photo

The life span of a horse of the Shire breed is 20-35 years. The better the quality of life of the animal, the longer it will live. The content of the English draft is not much different from the content of other breeds. The main thing these horses need is cleanliness and dryness.

  • Horses of this breed can be kept exclusively in comfortable stalls.
  • Due to the fact that they have long hair on their legs, it can get wet quickly, get dirty. Therefore, the stall should always be dry. Drafts and dampness are also unacceptable.
  • In the room where the animal lives should be all that is necessary - namely, fresh, dry bedding, fresh water at room temperature and food.
  • Walking is very important for this breed. So they must be let out on pasture daily, if the weather allows. In addition, the animal is desirable to exert physical stress to the joints and muscles were in good shape.
  • After each walk, the hooves are cleaned, and the wool is washed, if it is smeared, and combed out.
Interesting! The cost of an adult horse Shire may be more than 30 thousand dollars. A stallion will cost less - 10-15 thousand dollars, but depending on the pedigree, the condition of the animal, the price may differ significantly.
  • The withers and tail should be regularly combed and washed. You can wash it about once every 3-4 days, but combing is desirable daily, especially if the animal regularly walks in the fresh air. At the same time, you can completely wash the horse, combing it.
  • Check the condition of the teeth, ears and hoofs as often as possible.
  • In case of a suspicion of a disease (external signs, lethargy or unusual behavior of the animal), a veterinarian should be called to assess the condition of the horse and prescribe treatment if necessary.

What to feed the horse breed Shire?

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Proper nutrition for the English breed is very important. This is a large animal that requires a lot of nutrients. If you make the diet incorrectly, you may experience problems with the appearance or well-being of the horse.

The breed Shire is also known as the English heavy truck.

The basis of the diet - roughage (hay, silage, some straw). Feed - addition to feed. Usually, the more the horse is loaded, the more it needs to feed. You also need to include in the diet of cereals, vegetables, fruits and fresh grass that horses can find on grazing.