How long do rabbits live?


Rabbits are decorative, simple and wild. In turn, they are divided into a huge number of breeds with their own characteristics. The length of life of rabbits depends on their species, quality of life and some other factors, including genetics. Below in the article will be described how many rabbits live, and how to increase the life of the eared pet.

How many years do home rabbits live?

Home rabbits photo

The domestic rabbit lives from 7 to 15 years. The life span of a rabbit at home depends not only on its species, breed, but also on a number of other factors. The higher the quality of life, the longer the rabbit will live - this is a proven fact. Below are the factors that directly affect the longevity of lop-eared pets.

  • Nutrition. If a rabbit is malnourished or eats a bad, low-quality meal regularly, then this does not bode well for his body. If he doesn’t recover, in any case, problems with the gastrointestinal tract may appear and, as a result, the lifespan will decrease.
  • Living conditions must always be good. Cleanliness, spaciousness, convenience, comfort, silence - this is what any rabbit should have at its disposal.
Important! If the rabbit began to behave strangely or looks painful, an urgent need to go to the vet. In rabbits, illnesses develop quickly, so it is impossible to drag on with this!
  • Physical activity for rabbits is important. Even breeds that are bred for meat should be able to move freely. This is reflected in their appearance and lifespan.
  • Castration makes animals calmer and this, oddly enough, increases the lifespan of a pet.
  • Inheritance in the case of rabbits, like any other living thing, can be key in terms of life expectancy. The fact is that the parents of a fluffy can inherit a serious illness or a mild illness, physical abnormalities, which will reduce the quality of life. That is why buying a rabbit without a clue about its parents is a bad idea.

How many rabbits live on average?

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The more difficult the animal's life, the more dangerous it is, the less the animal will live. At the same time, an eared one that is cared for, that gets healthy, nutritious food and lives in clean conditions, can live for more than 10 years and have excellent health.

Interesting! Rabbits are able to remember their name, and moreover, they can learn to go to the toilet in a tray, like cats.

The average life expectancy of a rabbit is 7-9 years. But this is a very approximate indicator, because there are many different species that can live more or less. So the main factor affecting the life span of rabbits is their species.

How many rabbits live for breeding?

Domestic rabbits are usually raised for meat, wool, down, or offspring. They are large, most often, and can live without problems in the rabbit, or rabbit pits, which are built for them. But how many rabbits of this species live? Their average lifespan is 6-7 years. It is true that only a small proportion of the herd live to this age, since most animals go to slaughter at an early age. As for males and females that give birth to offspring, there are several nuances.

The average life span of a rabbit is 7-9 years

  • Females who regularly give birth to offspring can live 4-7 years, not more.
  • The life of the male, which is properly fed 7-8 years.
  • Poor quality of life reduces life by 2-3 years.
  • Bad food can lead to the death of an animal in a matter of months.
  • Breed plays a big role. For example, lop-eared animals live 7-8 years, and with erect ears 5-6 years.

How many live decorative rabbits?

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Photo of a decorative rabbit

Before buying a decorative rabbit, breeders, one way or another, wonder about how long the rabbits of this species live. In this case, the role of which breed is referred to and of heredity plays a role. It is necessary to buy a decorative rabbit only from those breeders who can show documents about the health of the mother of babies. This will make sure that she did not transmit to the offspring serious illness.

Interesting! In the world there are 3 known cases of long-lived rabbits. Rabbit Doo from New Jersey lived to 17 years. Flops, eared from Australia lived as much as 18 years. A Scottish Fluffy lived for 24 years, and this record is still considered unbeaten.

The average standard of living of an ornamental rabbit is 8 years. Fold animals live 7-8 years, and those with straight ears are 1-2 years less. There are also long-lived rabbits that have lived up to 15 years. Of course, the better the conditions for life and the more useful the food, the longer the rabbit will live.

Fold rabbit life expectancy

Lop-eared breeds are very popular. A rabbit with lowered ears can live for 7-8 years, and if it is sterilized on time, then it is 8-12 years old! These are gentle animals, very clever and beautiful. They are suitable for children and love communication.

Photo rabbit lop-eared sheep

If we talk about the most famous representative of lop-eared breeds - dwarf lop-eared ram, then he can live 5-7 years, and with a high quality of life - 9-12 years!

The life span of dwarf rabbits

Dwarf breeds include those species that have a weight of 1-1.3 kg. Dwarf rabbit breeds live an average of 5-7 years. By their nature, they are very playful, sociable and do not like to just sit in cages all day — they need regular activity.

Types of dwarf hares

To the rabbit dwarf breed lived as long as possible, you must follow certain rules.

  1. Physical activity of the animal should be at least an hour a day. This may be running in a wheel or around the apartment, playing with a person or something like that.
  2. Living conditions must be right and food must be of high quality.
Interesting! Rabbits are cute creatures that can live a very long time, if you provide them with all the necessary conditions.
  1. Vaccinations, timely treatment will avoid the chance of infection or aggravation of diseases.
  2. Calm must be constant. Any stress for such animals can be dangerous.

How many wild rabbits live?

Life in the wild is difficult to call easy, especially when it comes to little rabbits. These animals struggle with visible and invisible threats from birth, ranging from the vagaries of nature to the predators that hunt them, and therefore do not live long.

Photo of white wild rabbit

The maximum recorded lifespan of a wild craw is 3 years, but most eared live only 1-2 years. Death can occur from the disease, a predator, sometimes they drown in their burrows during heavy rain or die from lack of food during large snow covers. Hunting is allowed for wild rabbits, so a lot of them are exterminated by hunters.

But the most interesting thing is that if you place a wild rabbit in an apartment, he will live no more than 4 years, because these animals are not used to "greenhouse" conditions.