The benefits and harm of cherries for humans


From early summer you can buy and eat cherries as much as you like. Besides the fact that it is a very tasty berry, it is also incredibly useful. But she also has certain contraindications that everyone who loves sweet berry should know about. The benefits and harm of sweet cherry will be described below in the article.

Composition and calorie sweet cherry

One of the reasons why the described berry is so useful is the presence of malic acid and pectins in its composition. In addition, it contains a whole complex of minerals: potassium, iron, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, fluorine. There are in the composition and vitamins E, C, group B. And in dark varieties there are also anthotion and carotenoids. All this together makes the cherry very useful for the human body. Early varieties of cherries can enrich the human body from the first summer months of summer.

Caloric content of 100 g is only 52 kcal. This means that for women dieters and in general for any people who adhere to a strict menu, the berry will become an indispensable source of nutrients. Proteins in the composition of 1.1 g, fat - 0.4 g, carbohydrates - 11.5 g

Calorie cherry

The benefits of sweet cherry made it popular in the kitchen. Use it for fresh consumption, processing. It saves most of the nutrients during cooking, in pies and other baking. From it you can make a delicious juice for breakfast or vitamin salad. In addition, the berries are often dried or frozen for winter.

The benefits of sweet cherry for the human body

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Few people do not like sweet cherries. There are many varieties: sweet, sour-sweet, with an unusual aftertaste, white and scarlet, burgundy and almost black - for every taste there! But in order to eat it with complete peace of mind, it is worth knowing what the benefits and harm of sweet cherries are.

  • It has a strong diuretic effect due to the presence of P-active compounds and has a positive effect on the kidneys.
  • Stabilizes pressure. For hypertension, dark varieties are particularly helpful.
  • Normalizes the liver.
  • It is recommended for anemia due to its high iron content.
Interesting! Cherries are often recommended to eat with gastritis and ulcers. This is one of the few berries that has a positive effect on the acidity of the stomach, even if it is elevated.
  • Stress and nerve failures will go away if you drink cherry juice or occasionally eat a glass fresh.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are more mild, if you regularly use this berry in small quantities.

In addition, the sweet cherry is very popular in traditional medicine. It is recommended to reduce pain, for example, arthritis or rheumatism.

Natural sweet cherry juice

Cosmetic use of sweet cherry for women

Cherry is very popular in cosmetology. In particular, women often use it to improve the condition of nails and hair. It helps even when it is simply eaten because of the abundance of vitamin B in the composition. But if you make masks, special lotions or similar procedures with a berry, you can significantly improve the condition of hair and nails.

Interesting! Men who are prone to baldness should eat a sweet cherry to prevent this problem.

The tendency to use red berries for home masks is growing every day. The reason is its famous property - slowing down the aging of the skin. Regular procedures make the skin taut, soft, return a fresh complexion. Young girls and boys, it will help get rid of redness on the skin and blackheads.

The benefits of sweet cherry for men

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For men, sweet cherry is an indispensable friend. It has a positive effect on the production of testosterone and other sex hormones, which are necessary for the male reproductive function. Just one handful of berries a day can reduce the risk of impotence - this is a scientific fact!

Important! In the dark varieties of this berry there are substances that also treat vascular and heart diseases.

With active physical work or after a long workout, she will help recuperate and prevent the appearance of muscle pain. If a man smokes or drinks alcohol, she will be able to stop poisons and bile in his body and facilitate the work of the kidneys.

Sweet cherry for woman's health

Women using birth control pills or suppositories can often suffer from problems with blood clotting, the appearance of blood clots and even blood clots. Sweet Cherry - perfectly fights these problems by diluting the blood and preventing the development of such ailments. For the same reason, it is useful for older people.

She has a good effect on the hormonal background of a woman. Aligns the menstrual cycle, stabilizes it and makes menstruation less painful. The abundance of vitamin E in the composition makes cherries also useful in menopause.

The benefits of sweet cherries for children

It’s hard for children to resist delicious cherries, especially when there is so much of it everywhere - in the garden, in the garden, in the market and even at home in the fridge, because adults also love sweet berry! But what is the use and harm of sweet cherries for children?

Interesting! This is one of the few summer berries that do not irritate the child's weak stomach, and yet you need to be careful in introducing it to the baby’s diet - there is an individual intolerance to the product.

Due to the rich vitamin and mineral complex (including iron), the berry has a positive effect on the digestive system and the kidneys of children, as well as adults, so it is useful, but in reasonable quantities.

The benefits of sweet cherries for children

Cherry in pregnancy

Before you eat a berry to a pregnant woman, you need to find out what the benefits and harm of sweet cherries in this case. All the same vitamin E, mentioned above, is very useful during pregnancy, as well as other vitamins, minerals in the composition of sweet cherry. However, to eat this berry to pregnant or lactating mothers, you need to be very careful.

Important! Dark varieties for pregnant women are contraindicated, because they can cause allergies due to the abundance of coloring components.

During pregnancy, doctors usually allow to eat light varieties - white, yellow, you can afford a little pink. And only in rare cases, the attending physician allows you to use a dark red berry during breastfeeding or during pregnancy. What is the benefit of cherries?

  • It contains folic acid - indispensable for women in the position, because it takes part in the formation of the child's central nervous system.
  • A decoction of the berries removes signs of toxicosis, removes excess water, eliminates the swelling of the legs.
  • Cherries are also eaten to prevent anemia in a child and his mother.
  • Constipation is no longer disturbed if sometimes you allow yourself a little fresh sweet cherry.
  • When breastfeeding such a dessert will improve the quality of milk, its fat content and will increase lactation.

Harmless cherry for human health

Sweet cherry has very few contraindications. It is mostly a wholesome product. And yet he, too, can harm in some cases.

  • You can not eat it with diabetes, because it contains a lot of sugar.
  • It is not recommended to eat it in case of individual intolerance.
  • Allergy sufferers should pay attention to the light varieties and completely abandon the dark ones.

In addition, eating cherries in immense quantities is also not worth it. In a small amount, it is useful, but if you constantly eat several glasses a day, it can lead to intestinal upset or obstruction, bloating and other problems.