The best varieties of red onions


Red onion has a very nice appearance. Unlike simple onions, it decorates salads and other dishes, and not only increases their nutritional value, benefit. Growing such varieties is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance - the technology is not much different from the cultivation of simple onions, but the cost of the crop will be much higher. The article discusses the best varieties of red onions, the most popular.

The best varieties of red onions for growing

The best varieties of red onions are distinguished by high yields, rich taste, and are also quite simple to grow.

Photo of Red Bombay onion, Red Baron

  • "Red Bombay" - the variety is middle-ripening, it takes 130-140 days from germination to harvest. The bulbs are dark red in color, rounded, dense, weighing up to 150 g. The taste is semi-sharp. The use is universal. Resistant to adverse growing conditions, diseases, cervical and bacterial rot. Stored until June. The yield per square square is 7.5 kg.
  • Red Baron lies until March, for which highly valued gardeners. The growing season is 95-110 days. Bulb round, 90-120 g. Scales of dark red color. Productivity is stable, this variety rarely brings summer residents.

Retro, Yalta and Campillo F1

  • "Retro" yields very high yields. The growing season is about 90 days. Root crop is dark red with white stripes, weighing 80-90 g each. The taste is sweet, without sharpness, suitable for children's salads, snacks.
  • "Yalta" ripens in 140-150 days. The shape of the bulb is oblate. The upper scales are colored purple or pink, and the internal ones are slightly lighter. As a rule, there are about 7 edible layers of scales in the head. Taste is the main advantage of the variety. It is sweet, without pronounced sharpness or bitterness.
  • Campillo F1 - A hybrid, known for its unusual, sharp-sweet taste. The head is purple, rounded in shape, weighing 100-150 g. The red pigment of a vegetable is not transferred to fabric and various objects, unlike many other red varieties. Stored long without loss of taste. Resistant to fusarium and pink rot.

Varieties of red onions for storage

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Not all varieties of red onions can be stored for a long time. As a rule, this category includes semi-sharp and sharp species, because they contain many substances that prevent the development of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Photo of red onion

  • "Veselka" - mid-season variety with a growing season of 92-115 days. Bulb rounded, slightly oblate, about 75 g. Dry scales of violet-red color. The taste is semi-sharp. Transportable, can be stored for up to 6 months. Productivity from hectare to 400 c.
  • Greytful Red F1 - high-yielding hybrid onions, ripening 120 days after sowing. The vegetable has a rich red color with a violet tinge, the mass is 130-250 g. It can be perfectly stored and tolerates long-term transportation without damage. The taste is semi-sharp.
  • "Black Prince" - mid-season variety. Bulb weight 60-100 g, scales dark purple, tight to each other. The taste is semi-sharp, contains an abundance of selenium and quercetin. Use is universal. Stored very long.
  • "Yukont" - early onions recommended for annual cultivation. Root crops are practically round, can be slightly flattened, weighing 80-100 g. The color is purple, very beautiful. Productivity is high, stable - gardeners never complain about this indicator. The taste is one of the drawbacks - very sharp, not everyone likes. It can be stored throughout the winter.

Red onion varieties for fresh consumption

Young and onions

For fresh consumption, salads, snacks do not always use sweet onions, although it is he who is preferred. Nevertheless, many dishes are made with semi-sharp and spicy onions. Spicy, rich taste of such varieties is the highlight of the dish, and the interesting color of the bulb - its decoration. So, what kinds of red onions are prized in cooking the most?

  • "Red Brunswick" it is easily grown, gives fast, amicable shoots without significant efforts from the gardener. This is a mid-season variety recommended for salads. The heads are rounded-flat, weighing 100-120 g. The taste is juicy, sweetish, but with bitterness. Stored badly.
  • "Crimson Ball" ripens in 85-95 days. Yields are annual, stable. The turnip is dark purple in color, the upper scales are dry. The taste is juicy, rich, sharpness is, but light - perfect for salad. The main disadvantage of the variety is low shelf life. More than 4 months the harvest does not lie.

Salad with red onions and tomatoes

  • "Carmen" - medium late onions. The vegetation period is 120 days. The root crop is rounded, can be slightly flattened, 70-80 g. Dry scales on top, purple. The taste is spicy. Long stored without loss of taste.
  • "Brunswick" - A popular onion among modern gardeners. It matures in 120 days. Heads are flat and round. The inner scales are pink, and the outer scales are bright purple. Head weight about 70 g. Taste is semi-sharp, pleasant, suitable for salads.
  • "Mavka" - mid-season variety, ripening for 102-114 days. Differs in high productivity. Flat circular bulbs, up to 100 g. Outer scales are dense, well protect the vegetable from spoilage during long-term storage. Due to the increased content of anthocyanins and sulfuric compounds, it helps to reduce blood sugar levels. It has a pleasant taste.

Red onions are prized in cooking. It is tasty, healthy and unusual, despite the fact that it is not grown the first century. The varieties described above are only a small part of all the species that exist today, but they are the most common and in demand among gardeners from different countries.

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