Strawberry variety Asia


Strawberry Asia was bred in 2005 by New Fruit's breeders in Cesena, Italy. The variety has many positive qualities for which professional gardeners appreciate it, but it also has a number of drawbacks that young gardeners do not usually like. About varietal features of strawberry Asia, its cultivation, storage and processing of the crop, can be found in detail below in the article.

Description strawberry variety Asia

Strawberry Asia is a variety of medium early ripening and extended fruiting. Refers to the industrial type. Productivity is very high. Frost resistance and drought resistance are average. It is not recommended to test the possibilities of a variety, in case of severe frosts it is necessary to cover more snow on it, and in case of droughts, ensure timely watering and a weak shade from the sun.

Bushes are quite large, wide. The number of leaves is moderate. The leaves of the variety are bright green, shiny, slightly wrinkled. Antennah each bush lets in a small amount, but for reproduction they are quite enough. The root system is very well developed. Peduncles are always high, towering above the leaves.

Photo of strawberry variety Asia

The berries are large, weighing 30-40 grams each. It is worth noting that the berries of the first wave are the largest and sometimes reach a weight of 60-80 g! The shape of an elongated cone. The grade of strawberry Asia has a bright red, glossy color. Seeds are small, yellow, "scattered" on the surface of the berry. The flesh is dark pink, as is the skin, dense. The taste is juicy, sweet, tasting score of 4.6 points out of 5 possible. The berries have a strong, strawberry flavor.

What are the advantages of strawberries Asia?

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Strawberry Asia has many shortcomings, and yet seedlings and seeds of this variety are willingly sold out by gardeners all over the world. This is explained only by the mass of positive qualities.

  • Productivity is high, from one bush per season you can collect 1-1.2 kg of strawberries.
  • The taste of the berries is excellent. Even after processing, they do not lose their taste and pleasant strawberry flavor.
  • Berries have excellent commercial quality, they can be successfully transported over long distances.
  • Belongs to short daylight varieties.
  • Unlike many large-fruited strawberry varieties, Asia does not form voids in the berries.
  • The plant quickly adapts to any climatic conditions. Initially, the variety was intended exclusively for the hot Italian climate, but now it is successfully grown in the middle regions of Ukraine and Russia.
  • Strawberry Asia has a high resistance to diseases of the root system and some fungal diseases.
  • Fruiting bush lasts 4 years, then the yield drops rapidly and it is recommended to replace the bush with young ones.

Photo strawberry berries Asia

What sort of disadvantages are there?

Asia is often called strawberries demanding to the soil, care and this is true. In comparison with simple, "popular" varieties, Asia really requires a lot of care, but also compensates for the loss of time with abundant crops. Except for the demands of her, she has few disadvantages, but it is important to highlight them.

  • In temperate climates requires shelter for the winter and early spring, with strong, late frost.
  • Often affected by anthracnose, chlorosis and powdery mildew.

Features of planting varieties

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Growing strawberries Asia is quite a laborious process. Any wrong actions can significantly reduce the yield of the plant. Propagate the best variety of antennae. Small rosettes after rooting are seated at their own discretion. This breeding method is the most effective, fast and easy. Seeds are worth buying only on condition that there is no place to get seedlings.

Strawberries grown varieties of Asia in the open and closed ground. In greenhouses, it gets accustomed faster and better, yields greater yields, so this method is preferable. Place under the landing should choose a well-lit, moderately ventilated, without a direct draft. For soil variety demanding. It is best to grow strawberries of this variety on nutritious, not very heavy ground with neutral acidity.

Planting time should be delayed in the spring. Some varieties of strawberries can be planted in the fall, but not in Asia. This variety loves heat and simply will not take root in the fall, when almost always high humidity and very cool. But planting strawberries in the spring makes it possible to settle down with bushes, it is good to take root over the summer.

It is necessary to plant seedlings so that between separate bushes there is 30-40 cm of free space, the socket is never buried. Aisle do about 50-100 cm. The first fruiting strawberry variety Asia gives a year after transplantation, if everything was done correctly.

How to care for strawberries Asia?

Leaving may require significant labor investment, but all the wasted energy pays off when the strawberries Asia begins to bear fruit.

  • Watering requires regular, therefore, it is recommended to equip the drip system. It is very simple to deal with it, watering will be uniform, to the extent that strawberries are needed.
  • If there is a strong wind, a draft on the site, it is worth making an artificial defense from 2 sides: plant bushes, put up a flap, fence.
  • Top dressing bring several times a season. Nitrogen mixtures are necessary in the spring, after fruiting, strawberries can be fed with fertilizers with a high content of potassium and boron. And closer to the fall make superphosphate granules.
  • If the gardener does not need to propagate the strawberry variety Asia, then all the whiskers are removed. They just pull the juice from the bushes and reduce yields. Therefore, they are cut off, not allowing to develop. If it is necessary to obtain seedlings for breeding the variety, it is worth leaving a few bushes under the mustache. Flower stalks are removed from them, and whiskers are allowed to grow freely.
  • The soil around the bushes must be loosened every 3 days so that it is not taken in a dense crust. Separate bushes need spud. But it is important that the earth does not fall into the inside of the outlet!
  • About once or twice a year it is necessary to treat plants with complex preparations for diseases and pests. It is recommended to use specialized biopreparations (Vaxiplant SL, Lepidocid, etc.) or folk substances. Processing is carried out before flowering or after fruiting, closer to the fall.
  • For the winter, the strawberry aisle must be mulched with 15-20 cm of straw. Bushes are also covered with straw to protect from frost. Above the straw you can cover the bed with white agrofibre. In winter, so that the strawberries do not freeze out, they throw more snow on it.

Cultivation of a grade of strawberry Asia


The first fruits of strawberry variety Asia can be collected from the beginning of June. But since the fruiting in the variety is extended, the gardener can feast on the fresh strawberries of Asia until the middle or even the end of June. It is better to pick the berries right away, but in principle they are stored quite well right on the plant for up to 3 days.

Strawberry Asia belongs to the universal varieties, it is used for fresh consumption, freezing, canning for the winter in the form of jam, jam, stewed fruit. Of course, beautiful desserts are obtained from such a beautiful berry, so in cooking it has the widest use.