Sow farrowing machine


Breeding pigs can be a profitable business, if properly approached. The sow farrowing machine is extremely necessary for this. This is a very convenient device, greatly facilitating the care of a pig and its young. Thanks to this machine, the mortality rate among young cattle is reduced, and the profit increases accordingly.

Why do you need a machine for sows?

On small farms it is not customary to spend big money on equipment or maintenance of animals, since the profits of breeders are several times less than on large farms and industries. But even in a small farm, when breeding pigs, it is highly recommended to purchase or make independently a machine for sow farrowing.

Big farrowing is both good and bad. On the one hand, the breeder has the opportunity to grow a lot of healthy individuals and, accordingly, then receive a lot of meat and fat. But on the other hand it is a lot of worries. 15-18, and even more piglets require constant attention. With large farrowing, the mortality of young stock usually ranges from 14% or more, depending on the conditions.

Big farrow is good and bad

The female will not keep track of all and may accidentally crush several young when it is laid to rest or feed the brood. During the day, she lays down about 14 times and if a cub accidentally crawls under her, she will simply crush him.

A sow machine is an iron cage-like device that allows you to partially isolate a pig from its young. They still have an approach to the nipples, so they can drink milk. However, the female will not crush them and accidentally does not harm her clumsiness or greater weight due to the elementary lack of space.

Such a device can be bought in specialized stores, ordered online or just do it yourself. This is not difficult, but it will take some materials and a little time.

What should be the machine?

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Regardless of whether the machine is made for the sow with his own hands or bought, he must meet certain standards, so that the pig is comfortable and piglets. The correct design also greatly simplifies the care of the pig to the breeder, because he will need to clean the cage, check the condition of the pig, feed it, perhaps allow the vet to go to it, and so on. So, what should be the machine for sows?

  1. The correct size. Purchased machines for farrowing sows are available in different sizes, because depending on the breed and age, a nursing pig can weigh 150-300 kg! The width of such machines from 50 to 70 cm, you can do more, but this is usually not necessary. The length should be between 140 cm and more, depending on the length of the pig. But more is better than less, as the animal should be comfortable. Height is up to 110 cm, and the distance from the floor to the lower pipe is 30-33 cm.

    Proper machine design greatly simplifies the care of a pig.

  2. Material is better to take quality. Usually purchased models are made of hot-dip galvanized steel pipes. If the machine is made with your own hands, it is necessary that the material be strong, otherwise the female will quickly break the walls and individual elements. If you already buy or make such a design, then reliable, for the years ahead, and not for 1-2 months.
  3. Practicality. Some purchased models can be moved apart to fit small and large females. But they are expensive, and to make such a model on their own is quite difficult.
  4. Cages for sows are of different types in terms of location. There are those that are set diagonally and straight. Any options are used, but it is believed that those who install diagonally are much harder to clean, so they are less often purchased. In addition, a diagonal arrangement often leads to damage to the female nipples.
  5. In order to keep the cage clean, it is either cleaned several times a day, or the floor is made with slots. It should be noted that the gap should be small, otherwise they will get stuck hooves while standing or nipples while lying female.

It is also worth noting that if the machine is purchased for sow farrowing, it is always placed in the farrowing box. And because the latter should be quite large. In boxing there should be enough space both on the machine and on the place for the young, which should run freely, and not crowd. This room is in the range of 4-4.5 square meters.

How to make a sow machine with your own hands?

Making the machine for farrowing sows is not difficult, but certain skills are required. First you need to make all the necessary measurements to purchase material.

Making a machine for farrowing sows is not difficult

Measurements can be made on the pig, which is available on the farm, but it is better to make the structure larger, because with age the female can become larger, or the breeder will later want to change the breed of breeding pigs. Since the machine is made by hand, it is better to take the maximum allowable size, so as not to redo it.

To work will require:

  • pipes (preferably steel) from which the construction will be made;
  • suspensions and hinges;
  • Bulgarian to cut the pipe to the desired size;
  • welding machine.

The first thing you need to cut the pipe to get the right amount of parts of the correct size. After that, they must be connected according to the scheme. To connect the pipes used welding machine. But it is important to recheck the details several times so that the details are connected so as not to redo the work.

Machine drawing

From the moving parts in the machine for sow there is only a door through which the female enters the cage. For her, special loops and suspensions are purchased and everything is connected.

In the final design, it should turn out that the pig is in a cage, it can lie down and stand up, but not spin much, and the piglets should have full access to the mother. You can also make two arcs on top, so that the animal does not stand on its hind legs, leaning on the cage. In front, where there will be a muzzle, a trough is made for food at a height of 50 cm from the floor. It can also be made for water, but it will take a lot of space, so the pig is usually given water on a schedule every 2-3 hours.


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In order for the sowing machine to serve for many years and really benefit it is worth paying attention to some details when buying or making it.

The feeder is always located at a height of 50 cm so that the pigs do not climb into it

  1. The material must be really durable. Not all females quickly get used to such imprisonment. Their rampage in the early days is a completely normal reaction. Any soft metal, a pig weighing 150 kg or more can easily bend or break and can harm not only itself or the breeder’s means, but also the young.
  2. When buying all the parts are checked for strength and condition. Rotten, broken or unnecessary should not be. The simpler the design, the better.
  3. The sow machine must be completely safe. Sharp parts, nails, hooks, about which an individual or its offspring may get hurt, are completely excluded!
  4. The feeder is always located at a height of 50 cm so that the pigs do not climb into it.
  5. Always, before using such a cell, it is necessary to disinfect it, flush it out, so that possible infections, bacteria that could remain from the previous female, do not harm the pig or its offspring.

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