Watermelon Grade AU Producer


Watermelon AU Producer is an improved type of Crimson Sweet. It was withdrawn in the United States. The zone of the greatest distribution covers Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, Moldova. The quality characteristics of the species, its advantages, disadvantages and peculiarities of cultivation can be found below in the article.

Description varieties Au Producer

The ripening period is early, the fruits can be collected on average in 65-75 days. The yield is not very high per square meter, you can collect 8-12 kg, that is, about one, a large watermelon. In industrial cultivation, the yield is 106 c / ha.

Watermelon AU Producer grows well, has strong, thickish shoots of medium length, strong foliage. The leaves are large, saturated green color, moderate dissection.

The flesh is red, crunchy, grainy

The fruit is oval. Weight on average from 8 to 12 kg, however, with insufficient care or lack of sunlight, the weight can be up to 6 kg. The color of the peel is green with light green stripes, the surface is smooth, even, without roughness, dents. The thickness of the crust is small, if the fruits are ripe, about 1 cm. At the cut, the crust has an almost white color with a greenish tinge.

The flesh is red, crispy, grainy. Vein usually not. The seeds are small, brown-black, on average located closer to the crust. It contains a lot of sugar (more than 12%), so the flesh is very sweet, children really like it.

What are the advantages of a watermelon?

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The popularity of AU watermelons Producer says that the variety should have a lot of positive qualities. Below are the advantages of the species and their basic qualities.

  • With proper cultivation in good land gives stable yields.
  • Due to the high density of watermelons, they can be transported over long distances. For this reason, the variety is very popular in the sale.
  • Watermelons can lie for a long time without loss of taste or appearance.
  • The variety is resistant to fusarium wilt, powdery mildew, anthracnose, stem rot.
  • It is possible to grow up in the closed and open ground.

    You can grow in closed and open ground

What are the disadvantages of AU Producer?

Reviews about watermelon AU Producer very ambiguous. Some gardeners successfully grow it, getting great yields, others can not achieve and average yields. Fruits grow small, watery, sugar in them a little. Most likely, such differences are observed due to the composition of the soil, the amount of sunlight. These indicators are very different in different regions at different sites.

If we talk about the opinions of consumers, the watermelons of this variety on the market quickly understand. They are very tasty, have a pleasant texture of flesh, sweet. So delighted with them, both children and adults.

Features of growing

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The considered variety is grown, like any other. However, each type of watermelon has its own characteristics for growing and seeding method (planting). If they are not considered, problems may arise during the cultivation or the quality (quantity) of fruits will be unsatisfactory.

  • It is possible to grow up a grade in the closed or in an open ground. In the southern regions it is best to grow it in an open field, where there is a lot of sunlight, there is no shade from trees or fences. In medium-sized areas it is recommended to plant watermelons in greenhouses, as there may simply not be enough sunlight for their normal development and maturation.

    In greenhouses, watermelons are usually grown on a trellis

  • Watermelon AU Producer is recommended to grow in certain areas, as not everywhere it will grow well. So under land does not fit sour earth, or uncultured. The type of soil should ideally be sandy.
  • The predecessors at the site may be legumes, potatoes, cabbage.
  • Sowing seeds produced in May. But if it is still too cold outside, there is a threat of returning frosts, it is worthwhile to postpone the sowing and wait for the warm days. In the case when the harvest is needed early, it is worthwhile to conduct sowing in the middle or even the beginning of May, but only under the film so that the crops do not freeze out.
  • The sowing scheme is 1.5x60 cm. Between the rows there should be at least 1 meter of free space, and between individual plants from 50 cm. Seeds are planted to a depth of 3-5 cm.
  • In greenhouses, watermelons are usually grown on a trellis. Each sprout is formed in one stalk. When the lateral branches grow to 3 leaves, they pinch, leaving only one, the center stem. As for the fruits, it is recommended to leave no more than 3 ovaries on each plant, a greater number of fruits will ripen for a long time.
  • When grown in open ground, the plant also forms a single stem. It is important to ensure that the fruit never lay on the wet ground for a long time, otherwise they will simply rot.
  • Watermelon AU grows Producer at temperatures above +15 degrees during the day and +12 degrees at night.

When is the harvest of watermelons AU Producer?

Watermelon AU Producer is primarily used fresh

Harvest can be collected from July to September. Such a significant discrepancy in time is due to the fact that in the southern regions watermelons ripen in mid-late July, and in the middle they need more time, and the sweetest fruits can be plucked only in September.

Watermelon AU Producer is primarily used fresh. The flesh has excellent taste characteristics, for which it is valued by buyers and gardeners. Also, the variety has healing properties, refers to dietary products, despite the sweetness. But besides this, the fruit can be used for preservation, preparation of all kinds of desserts, drinks.

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