The best red varieties of apples with a description and photo


Red apples, like kings in an apple orchard. Very bright, beautiful, with excellent marketability, they are for this reason for the most part grown by gardeners around the world. It is really easy to make money on them, especially since apples are considered to be a very useful fruit. The article will describe the best varieties of red apples for ripening, as well as some unusual species with red flesh.

Early varieties of red apples

Early, summer red apples are usually immediately eaten fresh. They are not folded for long-term storage, as their keeping quality is low. But they are often used for processing, winter conservation and sale.

  • "Vista Bella" - Early-summer variety of red apples. A tall tree with a large crown. Fruits 150-200 g, round, flattened on top. The rind is thick, red to a bright spot. There may be small yellow-green spots, but this is rare. The flesh is white, the taste is sweet and sour. There is an average resistance to frost.

    Early varieties of red apples

  • "China Long" - summer variety of apples, American selection. The name is closely related to the shape of the fruit - they are elongated, oval. The tree can reach 5 meters. The crown is not very thick and not big. Productivity reaches 180 kg from a tree. Apples have a pure red peel, the weight rarely reaches 25 g. The surface is flat, smooth, with a touch. The flesh is creamy, juicy with a plum flavor. Ripen from 2 half of August and stored no more than a month. Among the drawbacks is the size of the apples, their sour taste.

Mid-season red apple varieties

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Mid-season red apple varieties are stored for a long time - 1-3 months. At the same time they can be closed for the winter, frozen, but more often they are eaten raw or baked - they are very tasty and tender in texture.

  • "Mekintosh", aka Macintosh is one of the most popular varieties of Canada and the United States. In Europe, it is often referred to as "Horoshovka autumn" or "autumn superb." Named after its creator John McIntosh. It ripens from late August-early September. Fruits are on average 140-160 g. Peel is almost completely red, but there are yellow-green specks. The flesh is juicy, sweet-sour, white. The aroma is strong, apple. Transportability is good, as is frost resistance. May be affected by disease.

    Mid-season red apple varieties

  • "Jonagold Dekosta" - double "Dzhonagolda." The tree is tall, the crown is high and spreading. Apple has average fruits weighing 170-200 g, rounded. Winter hardiness is average, needs pollinators and treatment against pests and diseases. It is consumed fresh or processed into juice. Under good conditions can be stored until spring.
  • "Delichiya" - Autumn variety of red apples. Apples of medium weight - 150-190 g, almost completely red, although a yellow-green background can be seen in places. The flesh is sweet and sour, dense, crunches. It is famous for its high winter hardiness. Productivity reaches 55 kg / tree.
  • "Titania" - columnar variety of apple trees. The tree is vigorous, spreading crown, rounded. Apples of 100-110 g, rounded, with red skin and delicate flavor. Fruits ripen from early September and stored up to 2 months. Winter-hardy, not afraid of scab and powdery mildew. With strong and small lesions, the tree is quickly restored.

Winter red apple varieties

Winter red varieties of apples are very popular and are grown primarily for sale. They have excellent product quality, and as for transportability, this quality may differ. But even if transportation is possible only over short distances, the product can be sold without problems in the nearest market - red apples snatch up very quickly.

Winter red apple varieties

  • "Spartan" - srednerosly tree with a rounded, medium density crown. Fruits are medium in size - 150 g, rounded, oblate from above. The rind is thick, dense, red (even more maroon), there is a purple patina. The flesh is white, juicy and crispy. Suitable for fresh consumption. Transportability is good - fruits are stored until April. Productivity reaches 100 kg / tree.
  • "Gloucester York" - dessert variety of red apples originally from Germany, ripening closer to the end of September. Gives large, up to 200 g fruits with red skin. Conical shape, elongated, with pronounced ribs. The taste is excellent - sweet, with a slight sourness - suitable for both children and adults. The tree is tall, bears fruit by year 5. Productivity - 70 kg / tree. Among the disadvantages there is a low disease resistance. Needs pollinators ("Jonathan", "Gala"). There is a good winter hardiness, transportable.
  • "Florina" fruits from 3 years after planting. The tree is medium in size with a thickened crown. The yield at the age of 10 kg / tree. Fruits gives 110-145 g. The shape is cylindrical, with ribs. The color is almost completely red, but it is only a blush - the main color is light yellow, manifested as rare bright spots. There is a raid. The flesh is yellowish, crispy, sweet - it is used only fresh. Stored until the beginning of spring, and in good conditions until May.
  • "Red Delicious" - red variety of apples, having very beautiful, dark red apples with snow-white crispy flesh. The tree is of medium height, the crown is back pyramidal. Productivity can reach 150 kg / tree with good care. Fruits are ribbed, which is especially visible in the lower, constricted part, an average of 150 g. The rind is glossy if the fruits are young. It is consumed fresh, baked and used for heat treatment is not recommended.

    Winter red apple varieties 1

  • "Jonathan" has not very large fruits - up to 130 g. The shape is conical, more rounded from above, near the stem. Cover color is red, orange stripes are possible. The pulp is very fragrant, dense, crunches. Fruits are kept until May! The tree itself is low, with a wide crown of medium density. Productivity ranges from 18 to 85 kg / tree, depending on its age and care.
  • Gloucester - variety of red apples of German selection. The tree is vigorous - rapidly growing. Productivity 35-75 kg / tree - depends on the age of the crop. Fruits are large, reach 200 g, conical, ribbed. The color is almost completely light red, but this is only a blush, under which a light yellow background can appear. The flesh is creamy, sweet-sour to the taste. Fruits are stored until February, and in the refrigerator until mid-spring.
  • "Gala Mast" - New Zealand variety. Productivity 75-90 kg / tree. Fruits weighing 135 g, rounded. The color is initially golden yellow, but when ripe it changes to red. Winter-hardy, not afraid of powdery mildew. There is also a similar variety "Gala", also from New Zealand. But he has a less intense color of fruits, although otherwise they are very similar.
  • Liberty - variety of red apples of American selection. Fruits are medium, weighing 110-150 g. The shape is rounded, the skin is thin, usually not peeled before use. The color is dark cherry. The flesh is sweet and sour, juicy and dense.
  •  Fuji - Japanese apple variety with large apples. The color of the fruit is red with greenish dots. The flesh is very sweet, which was the reason for the spread of the variety in the world. Use them raw, but you can make and juice. Stored 4 months.

What are the varieties of apples with red flesh?

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Not only the peel of an apple, but its flesh can have a red color. Such red varieties of apples are still rare, but already known around the world. Growing them is not difficult. For the most part, they are not afraid of frost, and due to the fact that they have late buds, as well as flowers, late spring frosts are not terrible for them. Fruits in 2-3 years and give very tasty, interesting fruit.

Varieties of apples with red flesh

  • "Baya Marisa" gives red fruits of 170-190 g with white spots all over the skin. Apples have red, dense flesh, very juicy. This is a winter variety, apples can lie until January. Frost resistance is very high, but before the disease the variety is powerless - regular spraying is necessary.
  • "Pink Pearl" - An interesting red variety of apples with pinkish skin and red flesh. The pulp is dense, fragrant, sweet, there is a weak tartness. Fruits weigh 180-200 g each, can lie for 4 months without any signs of spoilage and rotting. Need spraying from diseases.
  • Redlav (Redlove) - an interesting variety of apples weighing up to 200 g, obtained by crossing different types. And although it is already very popular and even distributed throughout the world, breeders still conceal the secret of its creation. The main feature of the Redlav is that the flesh of the fruit has a red color, and the taste is very delicate and sweet. There are four varieties of varieties: "Siren", "Calypso", "Circe" and "Era". The first two summer, ripen in early August and stored no more than a month. "Circe" - autumn subspecies, ripening in early September and also stored for one month. "Era" is a winter subspecies, it can be collected at the end of September, and it is kept until the end of December.
  • "Vinerpo" - red variety of apples, having fruits of 120-150 g, of a deep red color with purple stripes. The flesh is pink, juicy, melts in the mouth. It has excellent immunity from disease. Fruits ripen by the end of September, and stored until February.

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