The best fruit varieties of tomato with a description and photo


There are a lot of varieties of tomato. Sometimes the choice of good seeds is delayed for hours in specialized stores or for days or even weeks at the computer! But if we take into account that the majority of gardeners are guided by the taste and yield of the fruits obtained, the number of varieties worth attention can be significantly reduced. Crop varieties of tomato for greenhouses and open ground, which are mostly universal purpose and excellent taste, are discussed below in the article.

What pink tomatoes have high yields?

Pink tomatoes are not only popular with farmers, gardeners and consumers, but also incredibly useful and tasty. They are juicy, sweetish with a moderate proportion of acid, although, of course, each variety has its own taste characteristics.

The most fruitful pink varieties of tomato

  • "Bull's heart" - an incredibly common and fruitful variety of tomatoes. 10-12 kg of juicy fruits weighing 350-500 g are collected from a bush - the largest fruits appear at the beginning of fruiting. The ripening period is medium late. Fruits are heart-shaped, 1-2 fruits are fastened in a hand, at least 3-5, while extra ones, if they appear, should be removed, otherwise the branch will simply break under the load. It is consumed fresh, in salads, processed into juices.
  • "Rosemary F1" - high-yielding variety of tomato (10-11 kg / bush) greenhouse type of cultivation. The growing season lasts 115 days. Fruits are large, up to 400 g, pink, with glossy skin. You can eat fresh or processed into juice.
  • "Shaolin F1" - A new, productive variety of tomato - 10 kg / bush. The term of ripening is 115 days from the moment of emergence of shoots. Fruits up to 400 grams, fleshy, juicy. Use is universal.
  • "De Barao" in the open field with proper care gives up to 8-10 kg of fruit from each bush. In greenhouse cultivation, the figure increases by another 1-2 kg. Tomatoes neat, weighing 150 grams on average. Used in canned and fresh. There is also a "De Barao" yellow and black.
  • "Pink Raisin" grows to 1.5 meters in height. The yield per season - 6 kg / bush. Fruits of plum-shaped, shiny, up to 5 cm long, weighing 50-150 g, up to 50 tomatoes ripen in a brush! Fruits are dense, do not crack - transportable. The composition has up to 5% solids. It is grown in open and closed ground.

Do not be overlooked by another sort of tomato popular with gardeners - Pink Giant.

The most productive red tomato varieties

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Red tomatoes are not uncommon for them, as a rule, they are easy to grow, can be found at any, even the smallest, rural market or store. They are tasty, healthy and look beautiful in conservation.

The most productive red tomato varieties

  • "Emperor F1" - medium-early high-yielding hybrid of tomato (10-12 kg / bush). The bush grows large (140-170 cm), sprawling, has a developed root system. Fruits are elongated, very tasty, with a significant proportion of dry substances, so they are rarely allowed on juices. The weight of each tomato is 150-250 g.
  • "Ivanhoe F1" gives bright red tomatoes. In total, 8-10 kg of fruits are collected from a bush in one season. Grown in greenhouses of different types. Resistant to nematode, tomato mosaic and verticillus. Suitable for canning for the winter and fresh salads.
  • "Moscow Delicacy" - This is a new variety from Russia, giving 7-8 kg of tomatoes from each bush, each 70-100 g. It grows up to 190 cm, no more, it requires shaping. Fruits are light red, dense, shaped like an elongated plum. Harvest stored up to 2 months.
  • "Marmande" - an early ripe grade comes from Holland with a yield of 7 kg / bush. It grows up to 150 cm, the fruits are red, flat-round, there is a slight spotting, the average weight is 175 g. Due to the density of the fruits, they almost never crack and are suitable for long-distance transportation over long distances. Taste have excellent, as well as many other fruitful grades tomato, universal in terms of use.
  • "Anastasia" - high-yield, giving from each bush for the season 5-6 kg of tomatoes. Grown in open and closed ground, the plant grows up to 130 cm. The fruits are almost round, neat, weighing 100-150 g, but the first copies can reach 170 g. Dry matter in the composition - 6%. The use is universal.
  • "Waterfall" - mid-season variety. For the season, a gardener can, with proper cultivation, pick up 3-4 kg of fruit from each bush, the size of large grapes. It is grown exclusively in greenhouse conditions, unstable to diseases, pests, so that processing is required throughout the season.

What yellow varieties of tomatoes are better?

Yielding yellow tomatoes have lower rates than pink or red, which is why they are always more expensive and always in demand.

The most fruitful yellow varieties of tomato

  • "The Golden Cockerel" sometimes referred to as the "Golden Fish". Productivity of a grade of 7 kg / bush. Medium late tomato, fruit bearing extended. Shrubs grow to 170 cm, formed from an early period. Fruits strongly elongated, spindly. The taste is sweet, weight 80-120 g, suitable not only for salads, but also for canning, juices.
  • "Wonder of the World" - tall variety, bushes which can reach 3 meters! The yield is about 5-7 kg per square meter. In brushes for 20-40 tomatoes. The mass of one fruit can reach 80 g. It is recommended in the dietary diet, canned or simply added to fresh salads.
  • "Orange Cream" - mid-season type of tomato. The yield from each bush reaches 5-6 kg. The plant is medium-sized 130-160 cm, the fruits are bright orange, weighing 40-60 g, crunching like cucumbers when biting. The use is universal.
  • "Banana legs" - an unusual grade of a tomato. It is grown indoors and outdoors, growing to 150 cm, but in the open air it grows no more than 90 cm. The yield is 4-5.5 kg / bush. Almost not sick. The fruits are elongated, yellow, hence the name. In the brush matures 8-10 pieces weighing 60-90 grams. The taste of tomato is unusual, with citrus notes.
  • "Fairy Gift" - high-yielding variety. Under the right growing conditions, 4-5 kg ​​of juicy fruits are collected from the bush. Maturation takes 85-100 days. Heart-shaped fruits with weak ribbing, weighing about 115 g. Consumption is universal, as there is not very much dry matter.

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How to pick up a grade for an open ground and the greenhouse?

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When choosing a tomato variety, you need to decide on the place of planting. The fact is that the same species can produce different yields in open and closed ground. That is why you need to know exactly where the seeds will be planted.

Information on where to grow high-yielding varieties of tomatoes is always indicated on the packages and should not be neglected. If the variety is intended for open terrain, it may not yield in the greenhouse. The reason will be due to the lack of pollinators, lack of light, fresh air, high humidity or temperature, or something similar. The same applies to the varieties of tomatoes intended for greenhouses, only in this case the plant will not yield (or it will be little) because of too aggressive environment, an abundance of pests, diseases, strong wind, scorching sun, drought, etc.

How to plant tomato seedlings in the greenhouse, read the article - planting tomato seedlings in the greenhouse.

So if the issue with the landing site has not yet been resolved, it is worth picking up universal varieties of tomato. They bear fruit in greenhouses and under the open sky, while in the first embodiment, their yield is usually higher.