Apple varieties for the Urals


In a warm climate, fruit trees grow very well, but not all cultures can take root in the harsh Urals. Apple varieties for the Urals should be primarily resistant to severe frosts. All varieties of apple trees listed below have this quality, but in addition, they are distinguished by yield, pleasant taste and ease of maintenance.

What are the most popular varieties?

The most popular in the Urals are frost-resistant varieties that do not require painstaking care, but are characterized by high yields.

The most popular varieties of apple trees for the Urals

  • "Silver hoof" - the most common apple variety in the Urals. The tree is medium growth, the crown forms a lush ball, the leaves may be slightly pubescent. It needs abundant fertilizing, it is planted only in fertile soil, since the lack of trace elements will affect the size of apples. On average, they weigh 100 g, but the lack of dressings will lead to a weight of 50-70 g. The shape of the fruits is round, the skin is smooth, there is a red blush. Among the shortcomings worth noting the short shelf life.
  • "Uralochka" - one of the most cold-resistant species, the tree can withstand a temperature of 57 degrees below zero! Often used in breeding. The crown is not very spreading, the tree is compact. Fruits are round, small, sweet, with a sourness, yellow in color with a pink side. Stored for 1-2 months.
  • "Beauty of Sverdlovsk" - winter variety, stored until April. The weight of the rounded, white and yellow fruits is 150 g, they are not showered from the tree for a long time, even after full ripening. Very juicy. Fruits in 4 years of age.
  • "Bugler" adapts to any weather conditions, even the most severe. It begins to bear fruit from 4 years old, but a large harvest can only be expected from 8 years. Apples grow small, up to 100 g, red. It is consumed fresh or for making compotes, jams.
  • "Persian" maintained freezing to -40 degrees. Apples are aromatic, sweet and sour, weighing 100-150 g. In the right conditions they can be stored until March. Of the disadvantages of instability to scab.

How to choose a variety of apple trees for ripening?

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Apple varieties for ripening

Like varieties for middle and southern latitudes, apples for growing in the harsh conditions of the Urals are summer, autumn and winter.

  • Summer varieties of apple trees for the Urals ripen in the first half of summer. They have excellent taste, are consumed mostly fresh or are processed to make summer compotes. These include: "Silver Hoof", "Gornist", "Korobovka".
  • Autumn apples are suitable for processing for the winter. Of these, you can cook jam, close compotes. In banks, for the most part they do not fall apart (if you choose the right variety), they perfectly retain their shape and taste. This group includes: "Rumyanka Sverdlovskaya", "Uralets".
  • Winter varieties can be stored for a long time, until spring. After harvesting, it is left for a certain period, as only after 1-1.5 months the apples acquire their unsurpassed taste. Among the apple trees of the species stand out: "Beauty Sverdlovskaya", "Florina", "Persian".

What are the sweetest varieties?

In cold climates, it is extremely difficult to grow sweet fruits, so apple varieties for the Urals, characterized by a sweet, delicate fruit flavor, are especially valuable for gardeners.

The sweetest apple varieties for the Urals

  • "Arkad yellow" has small, but tasty, juicy, sweet apples weighing up to 80 g. The shape is cylindrical, the skin is smooth, but not glossy. The variety is resistant to sharp frosts.
  • "Florina" - winter variety of apple trees. Differs, above all, excellent taste. It gives great yields, despite the bad weather conditions. The color of apples is lilac, the peel is covered with a layer of plaque, so it can be stored until April.
  • "Boxing" - summer variety. The taste of apples is exquisite, very sweet with a weak sourness. The shape of the fruit is irregular, the peel is green-yellow. Ripen from July, stored only 30 days in a cool, dark room.
  • "Belarusian sweet" gives apples weighing 200 g. The fruits are sweet, slightly sour, fragrant. Color green with uneven crimson blush over the entire surface.

What are stantavye and kolonovidnye varieties?

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Stlant and dwarf apple trees greatly facilitate gardening, so it is not surprising that they are widely used in the Urals. Below are the most cold-resistant crops that can grow without problems in conditions of lack of solar heat and light.

Of the columnar varieties of apple trees for cultivation in the Urals, the “Sweet Wikic” is particularly prominent. Variety gives large, yellow-green apples weighing 140-170 g, very tasty. Stored for 3 months, winter-hardy tree easily goes through cold winters. Here it is possible to rank: "Currency" and "President".

It is necessary to single out the stanted trees: "Melba", "Autumn stanatse", "Snowdrop", "Wonderful". They can winter well under snow. And with very strong frosts, these varieties are easy to warm.