Carrot varieties


Carrots are not only popular, but also a useful vegetable. It is grown everywhere in different soils and climatic zones, although the peculiarities of cultivation and the varieties used can vary considerably. The best varieties of carrots for open ground will be described in the article.

What are the most fruitful varieties?

Crop varieties of carrots are in great demand, as their cultivation allows not only to feast on vegetables in the summer and autumn, but also to make stocks for the winter.

The most fruitful varieties of carrots

  • "Alenka" - ripens in 85-90 days. Productivity is 6.5-10 kg / m. sq. The carrot is a familiar, cylindrical shape, slightly rounded at the tip, the color is bright orange, very juicy. The mass of one root crop is 80-100 g. It is stored for a long time.
  • "Queen of Autumn" - universal view. With a square meter collect 9 kg of yield. It has excellent product quality. Carrots are long, not thick, orange. It has a distinctive flavor, juicy, tasty flesh.
  • "Losinoostrovskaya 13" gives 7-8.5 kg of yield per square meter. Often used for sale due to its attractive appearance. Stored long. The taste is sweet, the vegetable is very juicy.
  • "Shantane Royal" - On one square meter of open ground carrot gives 5-9 kg of root crops. The shape is conical, the color is orange. The vegetable mass is 100-250 g. It is used for fresh consumption, less often - for processing. Can be stored for up to 9 months under favorable conditions.
  • "Amsterdam" carrots yield about 5–6 kg / m. sq. Root vegetables are bright orange, very tasty, sweetish, cylindrical with a blunt end. Fruit weight up to 50-150 g.
  • "Tushon" - productive variety - 5-6 kg of root crops are harvested per square meter. It is stored not for long - it is recommended for the fresh use or processing. Versatile vegetable, bright orange, very tasty, juicy. It makes delicious juice.
  • Royal Forto - high-yield variety gives 3.5-7.2 kg / m. sq. Fruits are cylindrical, orange, taste is good. Grown in various regions and soil types. Can be used for sale.

How to choose a variety of ripening?

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Variety of carrot varieties

The ripening period is extremely important when choosing a variety of carrots. Early varieties are more often consumed fresh, late - for storage during the winter. In addition, later varieties are recommended to be planted only in southern and middle latitudes, since in the north they simply will not have time to ripen before the first frosts.

  • Early varieties of carrots ripen in 65-90 days. These should include: "Alenka", "Losinoostrovskaya 13", "Dragon", "Finhor", "Karotel Paris", "Amsterdam", "Tushon", "Fairy".
  • Mid-season varieties develop on average 95-115 days. "Callisto", "Shantane", "Vitamin 6", "Royal Forto", "NIIOK 336" are the best representatives of mid-season carrots.
  • Late varieties ripen in 120 and more days. Among the popular varieties: "Queen of Autumn", "Yellowstone".

What grades of carrots are the most delicious and healthy?

The taste of grown carrots should excite every gardener. Juicy, sweet carrots are eaten with pleasure by all households, including children, for whom the vegetable is extremely necessary. Below are the best delicious and healthy varieties with a high content of carotene.

The most delicious and healthy carrot varieties

  • "Callisto" has a lot of beta-carotene, the root vegetable tastes juicy, sweet - kids eat it with joy. Gives 6-8 kg of root crops per square meter. The shape is more conical, the end is pointed, not blunt. The color is orange, the surface is smooth and even. The length of one carrot reaches 20-22 cm, weight - 120-135 g.
  • "Vitamin 6" - very tasty carrots, sweet, juicy. It has a high content of carotene. It is this sort that is most often used for cooking various dishes for children. For a long time stored. The yield of 5-10 kg per square meter. Root crops up to 15 cm have a mass of 165 g. The color is orange, saturated.
  • "Carotel Paris" - one of the most famous and popular types of vegetables. Refers to the most delicious, it is with great joy kids eat. It has an unusual, short, sometimes almost round, shape. Differs also sweet taste, juiciness, weight of nutrients in the composition. This variety of carrots is quite easy to grow in the open field and require minimal care.

Also among the useful varieties of carrots for open ground include varieties: "Fairy", "Losinoostrovskaya 13", "NIIOK 336", "Finhor".

What are the unusual varieties of carrots?

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Unusual varieties include all varieties of carrots with an unusual color. There are many such varieties, some often come across the shelves of stores. Which ones are the most useful and unpretentious in growing?

Unusual carrot varieties

  • "Dragon" - very useful grade. The skin color is lilac. The section shows a thick purple edging and a bright orange core. Use carrots, only slightly peeling the skin. Lilac top layer is very useful for the body.
  • "Yellowstone" - has a conical shape - the tip is pointed. The color, as the name implies, is yellow, saturated. Recommended for fresh use, cooking, preparations for the winter. Productivity - 8,2 kg / m. sq. Taste is good, the mass of a root crop to 200 g.
  • "Belgium White" - White carrots, very similar to daikon, only smaller in size. Tasty, has a characteristic aroma, but loses its smell and taste during heat treatment.