Cauliflower is very useful though it has a specific taste. It is liked by both children and adults, so they grow it on beds everywhere in different countries and regions. Growing it in the garden is not difficult, but to get a high-quality large crop you need to know about the intricacies of growing and caring for the crop. On the method of planting and plant care will be discussed in the article.

How to grow cauliflower seedlings?

Grow this kind of cabbage can be seeds or seedlings. The first method is relevant only in the southern regions. Grow the seedlings to start 2 months before planting it in open ground. That is, if the landing is carried out in mid-May, the seedlings are harvested in mid-March.

Cauliflower Seedlings

Before sowing seeds are processed. They need to "bathe" in hot water (+50 degrees) for 20 minutes, and then put in cold water. Then, the already cooled seeds should be kept for some time in a solution of potassium permanganate and boron. This procedure is also recommended for planting seeds directly in open ground.

After sowing the seeds in the prepared container, they are put in a dark place, with a temperature of +18 degrees for germination. After the sprouts appear, the temperature can be reduced to +10 degrees during the day and +5 at night. After a week, you can increase the temperature to +15 degrees and maintain this temperature before planting seedlings in open ground.

Where and when to plant cauliflower?

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The place for landing is selected light. The sun should be a lot, because in the shade the cabbage will not grow. Cauliflower gets along well after tomato, beans, potatoes and cucumbers. But after cruciferous plant sprouts can not be!

Seedlings need a lot of sun

Seedlings are planted only after all belated frosts - the beginning or the middle of May. Growing cauliflower in open ground seed also implies planting after all the frosts. But in the case of seeds, it is recommended that they initially be covered with a film in any case, so that small frosts will not harm them. In the case of a seedling method, the film covering is carried out exclusively at risk of frost!

How to plant seedlings in the ground?

Cauliflower is fastidious in terms of soil. It should be light, but at the same time retain moisture. In the fall, the landing site is fertilized with rotted compost or manure (10 kg per square meter). After that, it must be dug up and left for the whole winter to freeze. In the spring, only mineral fertilizers are applied: boric acid, superphosphate, urea, sulfuric magnesium. After fertilization, the ground is loosened.

Planting cauliflower seedlings

For planting in open ground, seedlings should have up to 4 leaves, otherwise in the future it will have a small head. The plant is planted at a distance of 20-40 cm from each other. The distance between the beds should be up to 50 cm, so that it is convenient to work the land.

Plants are deepened to cotyledon leaves, well sprinkled with earth and watered after a full landing.

How to sow seeds?

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If the seed method is used for cultivation, it is necessary to sow the seed in the ground in mid-May, when the soil becomes warm (+10 degrees), and then, after the emergence of sprouts, the culture is seated so that the individual sprouts do not interfere with each other's development.

How to care for cauliflower?

Care is the most important part. To grow a sprout is not a problem, but a large, strong plant is not possible for everyone.

Cauliflower care

  • To prevent young saplings from being attacked by pests, like the cruciferous flea, it is necessary to shower the beds with tobacco dust or ash immediately after planting the crop to a permanent place. Pest often spoil adult cabbage. To combat them use a simple sprinkling of tobacco solution, infusion of tomato or potato tops.
  • Feed the plant can only be rotted manure or compost. Fresh fertilizers lead to an accumulation of nitrates in the head. Ammonium nitrate, potassium chloride and superphosphate are recommended mineral products. Top dressing is made only 3 times. For the first time 10 days after planting the seedlings, and then another 2 times with a break of 10-15 days.
  • Watering is carried out regularly. Dry soil does not contribute to the development of the plant. In dry summers without abundant watering, the heads are formed prematurely, but they are completely tasteless, so it is important to monitor the amount of moisture, especially in a hot period.
  • From time to time it is necessary to loosen the beds and remove excess weeds.

Cauliflower is harvested as the heads ripen. It is important to note that overripe heads take on a greenish tint and crumble, so it’s not worth keeping them in the garden for a long time.