How much milk does a goat give per day


Milk is a useful and nutritious product, especially goat. Gentle cheese and other delicacies are made of it. Living in the countryside or just out of town, you can get a goat to provide a family with milk for years to come. But many young breeders face a lot of problems. Questions about how much milk a goat gives per day, when it appears at all, and many others will be answered later in the article.

When does a goat have milk?

Some breeders are confident that by purchasing a young goat, they will immediately begin to receive milk from her. However, the animal begins to produce milk only after the first pregnancy. It is intended for feeding the kids, but the milk goat provides so much milk per day that is enough for a newborn and for personal consumption.

Goat will give milk only after lambing

About a few days before the lambing, the udder of the animal becomes elastic, full. But it is impossible to milk a goat before lambing, it is only allowed to wash it and massage it a little to improve blood supply. After lambing, a young mother gives milk for 6-7 months, sometimes 9, but the quality, fat content and quantity in the last months will be low. After 6-9 months, the milk disappears and in order to get it again, the goat must again carry the goat.

What factors affect milk yield?

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The answer to the question of how much milk a goat gives per day depends on some factors. And the main role here is played by the breed. A dairy animal produces more milk and its fat content is much higher than that of goat meat. The productive species includes: Toggenburg, Zaanenskaya, Megrelskaya and Russian. With them a day, without much care, they put 1.5-2.4 liters of milk. But the biggest performance is different Alpine goat breed. In a day it makes 4 liters in fat content of 3.5%! At the moment this is a record figure.

Dairy breeds of goats

In addition, among the decisive factors include:

  • age;
  • lactation stage;
  • type of content;
  • health;
  • feeding.

As you can see almost everything affects the amount of the product obtained, so you should not neglect the rate of care or feeding. This is something the breeder can directly influence.

Separately, it should be said about health. When buying a goat is to choose the right individual. If there is no personal experience, it is better to attract a specialist, otherwise the market may be deceived and sell an inferior or sick animal. It is very important to pay the most attention to the udder. It must meet all the criteria of quality - round, smooth, without deformation, the nipples of the correct form stick down and to the side.

How many liters of milk a day does a goat give?

Breeding milk goats give 6 liters of milk per day. In this case, the highest productivity - 3-4 lambing - mid-lactation. It was during this period that even simple goats produce a record amount of product, which is up to breeding dairy, they will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding breeder.

Regular goats per day can give up to 3 liters of milk. These include simple breeds of meat and dairy or dairy. It is worth noting that the amount of milk can be increased by good content and feeding. Supplements and stimulating lactation will help.

It is important to note that a large amount of goat milk is given at the beginning and in the middle of the lactation period. At the end of lactation, the amount can be reduced to 0.5 liters per day. This is quite normal and in order to get the milk again the animal must be lumped.

Milk goats always have little milk - a maximum of 1.5 liters per day, but more often up to a liter. It is very tasty, fat, but only enough to feed the young.

How to increase the yield?

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Virtually everything from age to feeding affects how much milk a goat can give per day. But the breeder, in fact, depends only on the feeding and maintenance, as well as the gestation period of the female and the choice of breed. So, how to increase the daily yield of goats?

Comfortable conditions for the goat - the key to increasing yields

  1. The first thing that can help is the regulation of the time of pregnancy. In the summer a lot more juicy feed, namely, they affect the growth of milk. Therefore, if in the summer the goat becomes divided, then there will be much more milk.
  2. If there is no possibility or desire to adjust the lambing for the summer period, you can simply provide the animal with a full diet throughout the year. Fresh hay in winter will be a gift for him. But besides this, you need a large amount of vitamins, trace elements, various additives - but only high-quality and natural!
  3. Conditions of detention must be strictly regulated. The more comfortable a young mother feels, the more high-fat milk she will give.
  4. Experienced breeders recommend in the first year after birth not to breed a goat. The fact is that the young animal has not yet fully grown, the baby only hurts, because the goat’s organism is still developing, and here there is an additional load. As a result, it can give a meager yield of up to 2 liters per day, or even less!
  5. To get milk, you should choose only goats of the dairy direction or in the extreme case of meat and dairy.

Some owners believe that attention to the animal - it is surplus. But practice shows that care, the ability to bestow comfort and love leads to incredible results. The goats quickly become attached to the owner, and even more so to the hostess, and with proper attention can bestow the breeder with liters of rich, high-quality milk.