Planting cucumbers in open ground


Cucumbers are a well-known and beloved vegetable crop. But not everyone can grow it in the garden. Planting cucumbers in open ground requires practice, you need to be able to select the seeds, process them correctly, prepare the soil in order to get a rich harvest. About the intricacies of all this work will be described below in the article.

When to plant cucumbers in open ground?

To say for sure when planting cucumbers in open ground is difficult. In different regions and with different climates of the month and date will differ significantly. This culture belongs to the heat-loving, so planting cucumbers in open ground is carried out after the earth warms up well. In the middle lane this time is in the middle - the end of May, in the southern regions - the middle of April. As for the northern regions, it is recommended to grow cucumber varieties only in the greenhouse, in order to increase the chance of sprouting and the number of crops.

How to cook and cultivate the soil?

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Processing and preparation of soil for planting cucumbers

A place for cucumbers to pick up the sun, so that after planting, the seeds did not begin to rot in the ground. The sun will provide them with warmth and incentive to germinate. Best of all, the crop takes root in the place where tomatoes, cabbage or pepper were previously grown. But melon and watermelon greatly deplete the land, in their place it is better not to plant cucumbers.

It is recommended for convenience to make the rack, which will stretch the grid. Thanks to this approach, the plant will curl up and not climb along the ground. This will simplify harvesting, save space and provide the plant with maximum sunlight.

Having picked up a plot, it needs to be dug up and fertilized with copper sulphate, ash and superphosphate. Do it in the fall. Spring plot only loosened. If desired, in order to speed up planting or improve seed establishment, it is possible to warm up the soil by watering it with boiling water and covering it with a film, but this is an optional procedure.

How to prepare the seeds for planting?

Many summer residents themselves collect seeds from cucumbers, sow them next year and are surprised at the poor harvest. Yes, the self-harvesting of seeds allows you to verify the quality of the product, its resistance to the local climate, and the variety will be known for sure. But, the best shoots give the seeds collected a few years ago, and not fresh ones - this is important to consider!

If the seeds are collected on their own, you must take those that are collected more than 2 years ago. If - are bought, it is worth checking the time of their preparation. On some packages this is indicated.

Preparation of cucumber seeds for planting

Having defined the age, you can start to sort. It is selected in accordance with the climate, planting place (greenhouse or open area), and when you need to get a crop (early, mid-season, late-ripening). Cucumber seeds are divided into two types: varieties for greenhouses and varieties for open ground, each type of fruit is well in its environment.

It is imperative that before planting it is necessary to identify and remove empty, damaged and very small seeds. You can feel them or put them in water for half an hour - the hollows will float, and small, torn and so noticeable when viewed.

As for processing, it is not always needed, but it is recommended to get the seedlings at about the same time. To begin with, seeds are dipped in warm water (40 degrees) for 2 hours. Then they take it out, put it in a wet cloth, wrap it up and set it in a warm place for a few days. It is advisable to put a rag in a bag and sometimes get it - to air and wet it with fresh water. Before planting rag deployed. All good seeds by this time will have to come.

How to plant cucumber seeds in open ground?

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Planting cucumbers in open ground is carried out according to certain rules. Departure from them can lead to crop loss.

  1. To start preparing the beds. You can make several rows, but between them leaves 50-70 cm, so that it is convenient to walk and cultivate the land.
  2. In the beds holes are made at a distance of 50 cm from each other. If trellis is used for growing, the distance can be 20 cm. The depth of the hole is 2 cm.
  3. 1, 2 or even 5 seeds are planted in the holes - many gardeners are reinsured in order to get seedlings for sure.
  4. After shoots appear, they are thinned. You can not throw away the sprouts, and transplant them to new places.
  5. In case of frosts (if the temperature drops below 10 degrees), the plants are covered with a film. Otherwise they will die.

    Lanes for cucumbers

  6. In later varieties, experts recommend pinching the tip after 4-5 leaflets appear. Thanks to this simple method, it is possible to quickly obtain inflorescences and ovaries.
  7. Watering cucumbers before the inflorescence is carried out regularly to keep the soil moist. And after the appearance of flowers, it is necessary to increase it at least 2 times.
  8. Feed the plant after inflorescences have appeared. And when it starts to produce crops, fertilizing is done every 10 days. To do this, use a solution of mullein or bird droppings. You can choose and brand product, but in this case, you need to carefully consider its composition.
  9. Cucumber soil is loosened regularly and weeds are pulled out. This is done so that the weed does not damage the roots of the crop and does not overdry the soil.

Should I make seedlings?

For some truckers, growing cucumbers is not difficult; others cannot “tame” a thermophilic culture. It is for those who can not grow cucumbers, planting them in the open soil in the form of seeds - it is recommended to grow seedlings. The cause of failure can lie in the type of soil or very cold soil, the lack of dressings, nutrients in the soil, poor seeds, and so on. But, unlike seeds, seedlings have more resistant and strong qualities, and sometimes take root in extreme conditions.

Cucumber Seedlings

Another positive quality of seedlings is that it can give an earlier harvest. Planting cucumber seedlings in open ground can be carried out in mid-April. True, under the film cover, but the shoots take root well. And if the frost suddenly hits, the plant over the film is additionally warmed with any thermal insulation material. When warm days come, the film is removed and the culture is tended as usual.