Planting and care for sorrel


Planting and caring for sorrel in the open field is not difficult - it is an unpretentious plant. It is frost-resistant, appears at the summer cottage one of the first after the winter. In one place it grows up to 4 years and it does not require special conditions or care.

How and when to plant sorrel?

Planting and caring for sorrel in the open field takes place in several stages. It is worth starting with the landing itself. A good place is selected for this, the soil (if possible), everything is prepared (seeds and earth).

Sorrel varieties

  • The choice of location. This plant grows in almost any neighborhood. It is bad that only wheat grass influences its growth, therefore all excess grass should be removed from the area where it will grow. Sandy loam or loam is the best option for him, a good harvest can also be gathered on peaty drained soil. The place should be wet but not swampy. If the groundwater is less than 1 meter deep into the ground, then most likely the sorrel root will rot (it can reach 0.5 meters). It is necessary to pick up a plot in the shade of trees, so that in the afternoon the sun does not burn tender leaves.
  • Soil preparation. The land is being prepared since autumn. Before frost, it is flavored with humus, phosphate and potassium in a ratio of 6: 1: 1 to 1 m². In the spring you need to loosen the soil, and you can dig. In some cases, it is fertilized again, but in truth it is not necessary if the land is fertile without it. Ammonium nitrate (2 g), potassium salt (2 g), humus (3 kg), urea (40 g), superphosphate (4 g) are used as fertilizer. Values ​​in brackets are applicable for 1 m². They either interfere or use one thing.

    Planting sorrel seeds in the ground

  • Seed preparation. In order to obtain seedlings in the shortest possible time, it is important to soak the seeds before planting, wrap them in gauze and leave for 2 days. Moistened with moisture, they germinate much faster. But these manipulations are not necessary, since sorrel grows well without a good harvest.
  • Sowing seeds carried out in the spring - March or April - it does not matter, as mentioned above, this is a frost-resistant culture. But it is desirable to wait for warm days. Seeds are sown to a depth of 2 cm and at a distance of 4 cm from each other, and 15 cm of free space is left between rows. If after all the manipulations cover the beds with a film, then the first shoots can be obtained after 7 days, if this is not done, then a week later. In addition to spring, the plant is planted in summer and autumn. In the latter case, it is important to choose the time so that the first shoots appear only in spring, otherwise the culture will freeze.

How to care for sorrel?

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Sorrel seedling

After the first shoots it is necessary to ensure proper care of the plant. For a start, when the sprouts grow, they need to be thinned out. Between individual bushes the distance should be about 10 cm. If this is not done, the sorrel will grow, but it will give weak or thin leaves, but not dense and juicy. Planting and caring for sorrel in the open field you can quickly get a harvest, but its quality depends on proper weeding, watering and fertilizing.

  • Summer residents insist that weeds and excess grass in the beds with sorrel strongly prevent it from growing. Therefore, it is necessary from time to time to remove the weeds (pull, not tear) and loosen the soil.
  • Top dressing is carried out by any available means. You can use chemistry or do organic. The latter is less harmful, but no less effective. In the spring, the best feeding will be humus with ashes - this mixture will contribute to the active growth of new leaves. Compost is highly recommended in the fall. From the store, fertilizers with superphosphate, urea, potassium chloride, or any nitrogenous substances are recommended.

    Planting sorrel in a row

  • Watering is carried out regularly. Sorrel loves water, so during dry periods you need to ensure that the soil is always wet. If the ground is dry, the plant will begin to emit flower stalks.
  • A week before frost leaves are cut off from the plant. This is done so that they do not fall to the ground, limp under frost, and do not block the passage of oxygen to the root.

With proper care, a rich harvest is harvested after 2 months. The leaves are cut or plucked in the early morning, at this time they are the most juicy. The plant can be eaten immediately or stored for a long time. This is done by drying, freezing or canning.

How to deal with diseases and pests?

Sorrel Care and Pest Control

Planting and caring for sorrel in the open field suggests and pest control. The plant does not often get sick and is attacked by pests, but it is possible. Direct evidence of this can be holes in the leaves, a change in their color, rotting or stunted growth.

It is worth noting that with proper care, the plant is rarely attacked by pests. Therefore, it is easier to weed and clean weeds in a timely manner. But if the problem has already appeared the easiest to solve it with the help of special tools. Shop chemistry, like Bordeaux liquid or Fitosporina, is ideally used in the fall, when nobody eats leaves and the plant is prepared for winter.

In the summer, to control pests, such as sorrel leaf beetles, it is necessary to use traditional methods. Even if the leaves after their use, wash poorly, health will not be harmed. From the popular methods it is worth recommending a solution of garlic and laundry soap, tobacco dust or ash.

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